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Meet Victor: Bucknell Community College Scholar

 Lewisburg, PA

“The knowledge I gained at HACC was invaluable – it opened the door for me to explore and think about what I really want to do in this short life.”

Date published: June 17, 2021

Victor Svistunov wants to live without regret. He said that when he was younger, he used to doubt himself and his success. “I had the fear of the unknown and my mindset was constantly changing,” he said. Gradually, that mindset changed and Victor realized that “I can achieve anything I set my mind to.”

He completed a degree from HACC in pre-health professions with the goal of becoming a cardiologist and scientist in the future because it provides him with the ultimate opportunity to help others. Although he described himself as a “low-performing student” prior to college, he went on to receive a scholarship through the 26th Annual All-Pennsylvania Academic Team and was named as a semifinalist for the highly selective Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship.

Victor said, “I always wanted to be a physician, but inspired by my biology professors at HACC, I decided I also wanted to contribute to society and help advance science, and as a result, I gained a big passion for research.”

After graduating from HACC in 2020, Victor transferred to Bucknell University on a full-tuition scholarship made possible through the Bucknell Community College Scholars Program. He said, “The biology professors at HACC are very passionate and knowledgeable – I learned a lot from them and I still apply that knowledge to understand biology better while I continue my studies at Bucknell University. They are kind and care about their students. Currently, I do research relating to biology and I eagerly anticipate contributing to science and helping people with physical need.”

Looking back, Victor said, “I attended HACC and I don’t regret anything. My knowledge has greatly improved and my passion for medicine and research grew unbelievably. Now, I realize that there is nothing wrong in thinking big.”

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Meet Victor: Bucknell Community College Scholar