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Meet Emily: Scholarship Recipient, Future Social Worker

I chose my major because I grew up in orphanage myself and it is a dream of mine to help families meet their needs.”

Emily Penner wants to graduate from HACC and make life better for children and families.

Emily shared that she grew up in an orphanage, which motivated her to pursue a career as a social worker. She said that she wants to keep children out of bad situations and “place them in a loving and caring family like they deserve.”

She is enrolled in HACC’s Social Services Program and takes classes full-time at the Gettysburg Campus. “I chose HACC because I love the opportunity of being able to commute to and from college,” she said. Emily also manages to work two jobs and still earn good grades.

HACC’s location and academic excellence contributed to Emily’s decision to enroll.

She said, “Another big reason why I chose HACC is because there is fast service and friendly staff that always is able to meet my needs. The instructors are well-educated, take the time to work with individual students, respect student privacy and give the best educational experience I have ever had.”   

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Emily Penner, HACC social services student