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Meet Danielle: Loves Health Care

 Etters, PA

Date published: April 15, 2022

“I am proud to be a HACC student.”

Danielle, a HACC nursing student, said, “I had zero interest in attending college when I graduated high school in 2010.” While in high school, Danielle said, “I didn't care about my school work, and I stopped going to class most days.”

That mentality changed in 2014, when Danielle decided she needed to make some changes. “I got a job at a local hospital and decided I really loved health care,” she said.

HACC instructors have a reputation for excellence, and Danielle is one of many students who praised her professors and their commitment to helping her succeed. She said, “All of the professors I have had over the years have been nothing short of fantastic. They really want their students to succeed and they show it.”

Danielle added that HACC made it possible for her to live at home, work full time and go to school. “When I wanted to quit, these professors have never doubted my ability to keep pushing,” she said.

But wait – there is even more to love about HACC! Danielle went on to say, “HACC has really excellent programs that prepare you for a job in your field. The class sizes are great, and the professors are awesome. Their nursing program is excellent. HACC has a really fun atmosphere. It is affordable, and there is help. They offer a ton of scholarships.”

In short – HACC offers the whole package!

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