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Meet Moses: Headed for Success in Tech

“…more of the financial burden is taken off of me and my family and I’m glad that HACC is one of my options.”

Date published: April 15, 2022

Moses said he knew “HACC would be a good option” after attending one of HACC’s Engineering Day events at his high school. He said that “for a community college to have a good staff while teaching a hard profession was very impressive” and made note that HACC also offers financial aid.

“I didn’t really have any nervousness to enrolling in HACC because I was confident that HACC would be the right decision for me and what I want to achieve,” Moses said.

Taking college classes without the burden of student debt is a game-changer. Moses said, “It gives me a great piece of mind knowing that I can attend a great program with great staff while not having to pay a bunch of money rather than some other universities demand.”

Moses has big plans for the future. He said, “I plan to get into the tech industry and using my valuable skills to be able to support my family and to create applications and services that will provide real value to society. I’m also planning on maybe transferring to another school to complete my bachelor’s degree.” On top of that, Moses said that he also wants to start his own business.

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