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Meet Margaret: Proud and Passionate Welder

“I am proud of the choice I have made to follow an unconventional career path, despite societal pressures to attend a liberal arts college and work a typical ‘woman’s job.’”

When she was a sophomore in high school, Margaret DelDuco started thinking about the direction of her life. She said, “I watched my two oldest siblings graduate from college and struggle to find substantial jobs to support themselves and their looming student loan debts.” Around that same time, she read a book about the psychological and physical benefits of working with your hands and seeing the tangible results of your labor.

Something clicked for Margaret.

Her senior year thesis focused on opportunities within the trades. After graduating from high school, she went to a liberal arts college in Virginia to study project management and welding. Sadly, she was dissatisfied with the quality of education she was getting and the amount of money she was spending.

Then, she came to HACC. “I have received far better instruction during my time here at HACC,” she said.

In an industry dominated by men, Margaret defies convention and gets to pursue what she loves.

“I am passionate about my career choice,” she said. “The welding program at HACC best suits my career aspirations. The program is convenient, efficient and cost-effective.”

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Margaret DelDuco