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Meet Margaret: Working and Studying at Her Own Pace

“The virtual learning options available are invaluable.”

Margaret Lucas has first-hand experience in the value of an online education. She has a full-time job and has to be able to schedule classes around her life – not the other way around.

“The virtual learning options available are invaluable,” she said. “You are able to have flexible hours and work at your own pace. It is a great option for students who still need to work or who might be parents.”

Margaret said, “I chose HACC because not only was it an affordable option, but because it afforded me the ability to continue to grow both my academic career and my full-time career at the same time.” After graduating from HACC, Margaret would love to use her degree and knowledge to continue to grow and succeed in her career.

If HACC were not an option, Margaret said she “would probably not be able to continue my education.” We are grateful that Margaret does not have to worry about a world without HACC!

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