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Meet Imogene: HACC Honors Program Fan

Date published: Jan. 25, 2022

 Enola, PA

“I think HACC is an excellent place to grow as a person.” 

Imogene Gross is a HACC alumna who earned her associate degree in liberal arts in 2020, then transferred to Dickinson College. Her sage advice to future HACC students is “to consider and plan for the fluidity of the educational and career path.”

Like many HACC students, finances were an important factor in Imogene’s decision to attend HACC. She said, “HACC enabled me to complete my first two years of college on track to a four year degree at a substantially lower cost than I would have paid at practically any four year institution in the US. This ease of financial burden has been very liberating for me and has helped me focus on what really matters.”

In addition to the low tuition cost, Imogene received financial assistance in the form of HACC Foundation scholarships. “I want to recognize that the tremendous generosity of every one of the donors which contributed to these funds was incredibly helpful to me as a student and enabled me to keep funds to spend on books and necessary supplies and save the money I was making by working part time to use to pay my tuition at my transfer institution,” she said.

Imogene said that her favorite thing about HACC was the Honors Program. “I was pleased with the professors I worked with at HACC but I owe a lot to the wonderful Honors Program faculty,” she said. “I loved the small class sizes and discussion-based format of Honors classes at HACC, and found all of my Honors classes to be worldview-expanding as well as fantastic preparation for my transfer college.”

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