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HACC's complete list of programs

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1460 Accounting: Career Associate

1371 Administrative Office Management: Certificate

1921 Administrative Office Management: Career Associate

0026 Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) Certificate: Non-Credit

0650 Architectural Technology: Diploma

4170 Architectural Technology: Certificate

4470 Architectural Technology: Career Associate

4010 Architecture: Transfer Associate

2130 Art: Transfer Associate

0100 Auctioneering: Diploma

0013 Automotive Safety Inspection Training Certificate: Non-Credit

4200 Automotive Technology: Certificate

4480 Automotive Technology: Career Associate

4570 Automotive Technology - General Motors (ASEP): Career Associate

1321 Baking and Pastry Arts: Certificate

3091 Biology: Transfer Associate

4250 Building Construction Management: Certificate

4510 Building Construction Management: Career Associate

1020 Business Administration: Transfer Associate

1510 Business Management: Career Associate

1500 Business Studies: Career Associate

0001 Cardiology Technician Certificate: Non-Credit

0017 Certified Production Technician Certificate: Non-Credit

3020 Chemistry: Transfer Associate

4220 Civil Technology: Certificate

4720 Civil Technology: Career Associate

0016 CNC - Machining (With an Introduction to Solidworks) Certificate: Non-Credit

0015 Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Certificate: Non-Credit

2030 Communications: Transfer Associate

1030 Computer Information Security: Transfer Associate

1312 Computer Information Systems: Certificate

1792 Computer Information Systems: Career Associate

0220 Computer Information Systems - Software Specialist: Diploma

4230 Computer Networking Technology: Certificate

4590 Computer Networking Technology: Career Associate

6050 Criminal Justice: Transfer Associate

6051 Criminal Justice (PASSHE): Transfer Associate

1261 Culinary Arts: Certificate

1581 Culinary Arts: Career Associate

0121 Culinary Arts/Catering: Diploma

3510 CVT: Invasive Cardiovascular Technology: Career Associate

3530 CVT-Cardiac Sonography: Career Associate

3200 Dental Assisting: Certificate

3490 Dental Hygiene: Career Associate

3540 Diagnostic Medical Sonography: Career Associate

5501 Early Care and Education: Career Associate

5170 Early Childhood Care and Education: Certificate

5070 Early Childhood-Elementary Education: Transfer Associate

4370 Electrical Technology: Certificate

4750 Electrical Technology: Career Associate

4580 Electronic Engineering Technology: Career Associate

4310 Electronic Technology: Certificate

0002 Emergency Medical Technician Certificate: Non-Credit

4120 Engineering: Transfer Associate

3040 Environmental Science: Transfer Associate

3121 Exercise Science-Physical Education: Transfer Associate

6260 Fire Science Technology: Certificate

6630 Fire Science Technology: Career Associate

147 General Studies: Transfer Associate

7660 General Studies: Career Associate

4410 Geospatial Technology: Certificate

4760 Geospatial Technology: Career Associate

0231 Gerontology: Diploma

3300 Gerontology: Certificate

3470 Gerontology: Career Associate

2200 Graphic & Interactive Design: Certificate

2841 Graphic & Interactive Design: Career Associate

3600 Health Care Management: Career Associate

3590 Health Science: Career Associate

0280 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning: Diploma

4280 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning: Certificate

4780 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning: Career Associate

4430 Home and Building Remodeling: Certificate

1101 Hospitality & Tourism Management: Certificate

1901 Hospitality & Tourism Management: Career Associate

5550 Human Services: Career Associate

2091 Humanities, Languages, and the Arts: Transfer Associate

5030 International Studies: Transfer Associate

1640 Marketing: Career Associate

0003 Massage Therapy Program: Non-Credit

4030 Math/Computer Science: Transfer Associate

4070 Mathematics: Transfer Associate

4700 Mechanical Engineering Technology: Career Associate

4350 Mechanical Technology: Certificate

4261 Mechatronics: Certificate

4711 Mechatronics: Career Associate

3210 Medical Assisting: Certificate

0023 Medical Billing & Coding Specialist Certificate: Non-Credit

3580 Medical Laboratory Technician: Career Associate

0006 Municipal Police Academy Program (ACT 120): Non-Credit

0161 Music Audio and Recording Technology: Diploma

1801 Music Industry: Career Associate

4690 Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology: Career Associate

0007 Nurse Aide Certificate: Non-Credit

3680 Nursing: Career Associate

5301 Paralegal Studies: Certificate

5701 Paralegal Studies: Career Associate

3330 Paramedic-EMT: Certificate

0008 Personal Care Home Administrator's Training Program: Non-Credit

0022 Personal Trainer Certificate: Non-Credit

0009 Pharmacy Technician Program: Non-Credit

2050 Philosophy: Transfer Associate

2400 Photography: Certificate

2850 Photography: Career Associate

3070 Physical Science: Transfer Associate

0028 Physician Office Assistant Certificate: Non-Credit

6800 Police Science: Career Associate

3270 Practical Nursing: Certificate

3050 Pre-Dietetics: Transfer Associate

3150 Pre-Health Professions: Transfer Associate

0027 Pre-hospital Registered Nurse (PHRN) Certificate: Non-Credit

0360 Professional Bookkeeping: Diploma

5150 Psychology: Transfer Associate

3760 Radiologic Technology (X-Ray): Career Associate

3780 Radiology Informatics (PACS): Career Associate

3920 Respiratory Therapist: Career Associate

5090 Social Sciences: Transfer Associate

5060 Social Services: Transfer Associate

4581 Structural Engineering Technology: Certificate

4850 Structural Engineering Technology: Career Associate

3620 Surgical Technology: Career Associate

0640 Technology Studies: Diploma

4400 Technology Studies: Certificate

4680 Technology Studies: Career Associate

0021 The Fire Academy: Non-Credit

2500 Theatre: Career Associate

1450 Web Development and Design: Certificate

1810 Web Development and Design: Career Associate

0500 Welding: Diploma

4161 Welding Technology: Certificate

3610 Wellness and Health Promotion: Career Associate