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Legal and Public Safety
Legal and Public Safety

Lethal Weapons ACT 235 Certification - Non-Credit (0029)

Are you currently working in a security position with a need to become certified in Lethal Weapons by the state of Pennsylvania? Or, are you currently seeking a career in security, protective patrol or criminal investigative services and required to carry firearms, batons or other lethal weapons? Then this training course will help you reach your goals to become state certified to handle/carry lethal weapons.

You will be able to find employment in the following areas:

  • Private Security Officers
  • Hospital Security
  • University or Campus Public Safety Officers
  • County Department of Public Safety Officers
  • Government Sub-Contracted Security

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Our training course provides those who are currently, or planning to work in security with the skills needed to become certified to carry/handle lethal weapons.

Our training will:

  • teach you the critical thinking skills needed surrounding the use of force, as it applies to Certified Agents
  • recognize the justification needed for the use of force, as it pertains to the protection of life and property.
  • teach you the safe handling of firearms and allow you the chance to demonstrate your proficiency by firing a 12-gauge shotgun
  • teach the qualification standards for use of a handgun.

Our training consists of 22 hours of classroom instruction, four (4) hours of armed and unarmed defense and 14 hours of firearms training. You must successfully pass a written examination during the in-person instruction portion of the training and a firearms qualification on the range.

Note: Before enrolling in our training, you must obtain an approval letter from the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP). Successful completion of the training will result in you being certified by the PSP, Lethal Weapons Certification section.

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  • Review our program guide (pdf) to view a list of required courses, recommended course sequencing and program competencies.

This training is designed to lead you directly into the workforce.

Classes are held at the Senator Jeffrey E. Piccola Law Enforcement Complex, Harrisburg Campus

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