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The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is an assessment tool administered by American College Testing (ACT). The ACT NCRC is a portable, evidence-based credential that certifies the essential skills for workplace success.


What can I do with the ACT NCRC in the workforce?

Employers look for this certification from job candidates, whether they come directly from high school, work-based learning programs or through postsecondary paths, because it is a valid predictor of job performance. The NCRC is earned by completing the three WorkKeys Assessments:
  • Applied Math
  • Workplace Documents
  • Graphic Literacy


What is the ACT NCRC testing like at HACC?

Testing is scheduled by appointment only and is taken on a computer proctored by a live and certified test administrator. A calculator may be used for portions of certain assessments. Each assessment offers varying levels of difficulty. The levels build on each other, incorporating the skills assessed at the previous levels. For example, at Level 5, individuals need the skills from Levels 3, 4 and 5. The complexity can also increase as the quantity and/or density of the information increases.

All tests are web-based and take approximately one hour. Scores are easily verified online.


Where is the testing held?

Testing can be scheduled at a HACC campus, at various high schools and on-site at businesses/organizations or other approved locations within the community.


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The ACT WorkKeys Curriculum is designed for the specific purpose of improving ACT WorkKeys skills. This core curriculum is complemented by diagnostic tools and a powerful reporting system. HACC STEP Academy partners receive access to WorkKeys Curriculum at no additional charge.


What can I do with the ACT WorkKeys Curriculum in the workforce?

WorkKeys Curriculum is an Internet-based learning system and remediation program that assists you in developing your core employability skills. It is an interactive learning tool for work readiness skills. It delivers the only content verified by ACT as fully aligned with the ACT WorkKeys assessment system.


What are the classes like?

Features of WorkKeys Curriculum include:

  • Engaging learning activities that motivate user success
  • Tools inspiring efficient learning by individuals with all levels of literacy
  • Contextualized learning content that promotes relevance to the workplace
  • More than 40 courseware modules aimed at every level in every ACT WorkKeys skill area
  • Interactive exercises that encourage learners to practice individual concepts
  • Adaptive placement test that identifies appropriate curriculum entry point
  • Pre-tests and post-tests for all topics, subject areas and skill areas
  • Full integration of ACT job profiling data—exclusive to ACT WorkKeys Curriculum and ACT Career Ready 101™
  • Proven record in developing skills for general educational development (GED) certificate completion and for college admissions tests


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