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The Workforce and Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania (WEDnetPA) was created to make companies across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania more competitive locally, nationally and internationally, by updating and improving the skills of their employees to meet specific company needs.

WEDnetPA is an alliance of educational providers across Pennsylvania — including HACC — Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, that acts as a delivery mechanism for workforce training grants. As a WEDnet provider, HACC serves as the point of contact for businesses accessing these training funds. Over 1.3 million Pennsylvania employees at more than 22,000 Pennsylvania businesses have received training through the WEDnetPA program.

Companies report that 99% of employees who receive training see positive outcomes including: 

  • Improved communication and teamwork
  • Increased morale
  • Safer workplace with less accidents
  • Job promotions and pay raises

Qualified in-state businesses and out-of-state companies relocating to the economic- friendly business climate of Pennsylvania can access funding for a wide range of training that is described further on the website at


What training is reimbursable under the WEDnetPA Grant?

WEDnetPA grant funds are used to cover direct training expenses in the fiscal year. There is a wide range of trainings that are eligible under the grant. Each company can decide what training is needed, when and how the training is delivered to eligible employees. Training providers must fall into one of three categories including:

  • Partner Training - If you work with HACC for your application and WEDnet grant award, you can select HACC to provide high-quality and flexible coursework and classes as part of your reimbursement plan.
  • Third-party Vendor – This can include training groups, websites and other organizations that provide instructor-led training (on-site or off-site) or online training.
  • In-house training – These are learning sessions delivered by one of your current employees who may also be a subject matter expert (SME). Companies with more than 500 employees are not eligible to request reimbursement for in-house training.

Job Skills Training -- Fundamental skills that aim to enhance the skills necessary for workplace success

Starting June 1, 2023, companies can apply for grant funds to supplement their workplace training expenses.

Qualified companies can now receive up to $2000 per employee per fiscal year for job training in various areas that include (but are not limited to):

  • Basic Skills
  • Business Operations
  • Occupational Skills
  • Information Technology/Computer Operations
  • Manufacturing Fundamentals/Technology
  • Quality and Productivity Improvement
  • Workplace Behavior Skills
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Machine Operations and Maintenance
  • Supervisory and Leadership Development
  • Software Implementation
  • Technical Applications (including Scientific and Medical)

Apply NOW or get more information on eligibility and program specifics at:


Who is the HACC WEDnet Partner Contact?

Initial Contact, Company Information, Applications, and Training Plans:

Jennifer Lynch


Invoicing, Payment or Financial Questions:

Rayne Forshey