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HACC’s manufacturing and design programs are perfect for individuals who have strong analytical skills, enjoy being creative in a fast-paced environment, are detail-oriented or have an interest in quality and accuracy.

Employers may be eligible for funding to assist with training expenses through the Workforce and Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania (WEDnetPA).

Are you interested in detailed workmanship and the art of precisely crafting products and parts? Our CNC technology tracts, CNC operator $1,250 and CNC programmer $1,250 can meet your needs individually or bundled together (Costs are subject to change).

What can I do with CNC technology in the workforce?

As a graduate of our courses, you can pursue positions in one of three related machining technology fields. Individuals may work as machinist assistants, machinist apprentices, computer numerical control (CNC) operators or machinists.

Average Annual Salary for Machinist


What are HACC’s classes like?

CNC technology will prepare you for entry-level positions in CNC operation and setup, precision machining or CNC programming.


Where are classes held?

CNC technology classes are available at HACC’s Harrisburg Campus or at an employer’s qualified facility.


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Do you or your employees need skills or additional abilities in welding, metallurgy or fabrication? HACC’s welding labs and instructors can help you reach your welding skills objectives. $3,000 (Cost is subject to change).

What can I do with industrial electrical skills in the workforce?

As a graduate of our courses, you can pursue a welding career or qualification or develop your personal welding skills. Individuals may work as stick welders, maintenance welders.

You are most likely to succeed if you:

  • Demonstrate basic math skills
  • Can work independently and stay focused
  • Enjoy work that engages all your senses
  • Have an interest in materials and science
  • Are detail-oriented and observant
  • Can be methodical and persistent


Annual Salary Estimate


What are HACC’s classes like?

In HACC’s welding courses, you can:

  • Sample different welding processes and techniques
  • Learn a specific type of welding process for production and fabrication work
  • Learn other welding techniques to address a specific application unique to you or your employer’s needs
  • Learn how to make repairs quickly and effectively
  • Build confidence in your hands-on welding skills Course options include:
  • Welding Fundamentals
  • Welding Fundamentals and Techniques
  • Welding Qualification Test
  • Welding Training – Custom (employer class)


Where are classes held?

Welding classes are available at HACC’s Midtown Trade and Technology Center, HACC’s York Campus or at an employer location.


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“I went through the program. Five weeks after graduating I got a great CNC machine operator position, and three years later I’m still here.”

Former Student, Machining Technology Program