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Physical Science - Associate in Science (AS) (3076)

Do you like to figure out how things work? Do you want to know what’s inside the earth? Have you wondered how to predict weather? Students who are detail-oriented, enjoy critical thinking, communicate effectively and have a natural inclination to the science discipline are often drawn to a career in physical science. Within the physical sciences, you can select between two options of study: Geology or General Physical Science. 

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Our physical science program is the first step for many who want to pursue a career in a number of positions, including astronomy, geology, meteorology, as well as physics.
Following HACC, individuals have pursued a bachelor’s degree and found jobs:

  • astronomical research and/or planetarium operations (astronomy)
  • the petroleum and mining industries or within a government agency (geology)
  • a weather researcher or broadcasting at the National Weather Service
  • within research and development at a university or in private industry
  • a national laboratory
  • inspection, testing, quality control, or other production-related jobs (physics)
  • environmental consultant or lawyer.

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Our experienced instructors will help you build the foundation you need to pursue a bachelor’s degree in a specialized physical science area. Our program is structured to allow you to select from two tracks: Geology or General Physical Sciences. The Geology Track is for you if you're intending to go onto pursue bachelor's degrees in Geology or Environmental Science fields. The General Physical Science Track is for you if you're intending to pursue a bachelor degrees in Physics, Astronomy, Meteorology, or Physical Science.

Our Physical Science Program will prepare you to: 

  • Transfer to and succeed in a bachelor’s degree program
  • Apply scientific principles and concepts including the scientific method to a variety of problems and situations
  • Obtain knowledge of scientific methods accomplishments and how they affect technology, politics and society
  • Demonstrate computer literacy in data manipulation, mining and analysis
  • Perform technician work in a typical laboratory while following appropriate safety procedures
  • Effectively communicate results both orally and through written reports
  • Demonstrate information literacy by appropriately vetting online information sources for truthfulness and scientific validity


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  • Review our program guide (pdf) to view a list of required courses, recommended course sequencing and program competencies.

Yes! Conveniently YOURS, our program is designed so you can transfer your credits to a wide variety of colleges and universities with no loss of credit. However, each four-year college has its own unique program. Therefore, we encourage you to select a four-year school as soon as possible. This will allow you to learn the transfer college’s program requirements so that you can take the proper classes at HACC.

We offer the entire program, including both tracks, at our Harrisburg Campus through on-campus/in-person instruction. The General Physical Science Track may be completed at the Lancaster Campus campuses through on-campus/in-person instruction and at  York Campus through various modalities (e.g., on-campus/in-person instruction, hybrid, synchronous remote instruction and/or asynchronous instruction).  The Geology track may be completed at both the Lancaster and York campuses through various modalities (e.g., on-campus/in-person instruction, hybrid, synchronous instruction and/or asynchronous instruction). Please note: that if you are taking your courework at the York Campus, some of your required courses will need to be taken in-person at either the Harrisburg or Lancaster campuses.

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We offer classes in the spring, summer and fall, and you can apply anytimeonline . When you complete the application, please include the specific program code 3076. This code ensures you apply for the correct program.


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“I am always inspired by being able to work in a field that I love and to be able to share that with my students every day.” – Robert Wagner, M.S., assistant professor of physical science