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Earn YOUR Mechatronics certificate in just two semesters.

Continue at HACC to get your Mechatronics associates degree.

Enter the workforce in mechatronics and earn up to 68,606 per year.

Meet Sean: Mechatronics Student who Landed a Full-Time Job

“It (HACC) has given me a good job and a better understanding of what I like as well as a new skill set.

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Alesia Reese

Corporate Employee Relations Manager, Knouse Foods

"I was very excited when the Mechatronics Program started at HACC. I attended a job fair at HACC and was able to recruit two students who were preparing to graduate from the Mechatronics program. Both students have been a great addition to our maintenance staff." 

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Danijel Lolic

Engineering Manager, Rice Fruit Company

"We're very pleased to have HACC's Mechatronics Program supporting local industry. With the increased sophistication of our technology and equipment, we need employees who have been trained in understanding and troubleshooting electro-mechanical systems. Our newest maintenance team hire is a graduate of the certificate program, and we know that he received a solid technical foundation and directly applicable practical skills from this program."