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Digital Art and Technology - Associate in Arts (AA) (2016)

Do you have an interest in digital art and technology? Are you fascinated with what others are creating using digital tools? Digital art and technology has opened new avenues for creative expression from digital sketch books to virtual reality. With the integration of technology, there are now a wider range of tools and techniques available, allowing for the creation of truly unique and captivating works that were previously impossible. The marriage of technology and art has also led to new forms of interactive and immersive experiences that engage audiences in exciting and innovative ways. Our Digital Art and Technology AA may be just the program for you to pursue your interests within this emerging field.

Students in this field are driven by a passion for both technology and art, which allows them to combine these two interests in a meaningful and fulfilling way. Once you complete our associate degree, you may transfer to a four-year college to pursue a bachelor’s degree in digital art or technology.

The digital art and technology field is ideal for those who have:

  • A solid understanding of various digital art software, hardware and technologies
  • The ability to think outside the box and approach problems from a creative perspective
  • A high level of precision and attention to detail
  • The ability to think critically and find innovative solutions
  • Desire to keep up with new advancements and experiment with new techniques and tools
  • Good communication skills
  • A passion for digital art and technology

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Our Digital Art and Technology AA program is designed to prepare you to transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a career in the digital multimedia field. Digital art, media and technology are among the most effective ways to create, communicate and influence in today's society. In our interdisciplinary program, you are taught:

  • how to bridge art and technology through the use of creativity and programming
  • the fundamentals of digital animation, motion media, interactive layout and digital 3-D formations
  • the foundations of storytelling, character modeling and rendering and programming techniques to create interactive environments.

Our program allows you to create a digital portfolio, comprised of your work on projects throughout the program, to help in transferring to your intended school. Because the requirements of transfer institutions vary, it is recommended that you review the program requirements of their chosen transfer institution and carefully follow the program described in that institution's catalog.

Upon graduating from our Digital Art and Technology degree, you will be able to: 

  • Apply common design principles in the creation of digital art
  • Create digital art that combines imaging, motion and animation
  • Use programming techniques to create interactive digital art
  • Develop a creative and professional portfolio to showcase digital and interactive projects
  • View summaries of every course at HACC by browsing our class schedules database.
  • Review our program guide (pdf) to view a list of required courses, recommended course sequencing and program competencies.

Affordably YOURS, our two-year degree program is a transfer program. We designed our programs to be flexible enough to transfer to a wide variety of four-year colleges and universities with no loss of credit. We encourage you to select a four-year school as soon as possible. This will allow you to learn the transfer college’s program requirements so you can take the proper classes at HACC. We also encourage you to select your specific concentration area as quickly as possible when you enroll at HACC. We can then help you communicate with your transfer school to ensure you correctly coordinate the courses you take.            

Our various transfer options include:

You may complete our program entirely through asynchronous instruction.

Yes! We offer many scholarships through the HACC Foundation. Each scholarship has specific eligibility requirements. To learn how to apply, please visit

If you are interested in pursuing an associate degree in Digital Art and Technology from HACC, you can enroll in classes for the spring, summer and fall. Submit your application anytime on our websiteTo ensure you apply for the correct program, please include the program code 2016 with your application

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Current HACC students, please contact our  Advising Department with any questions.