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Music Audio and Recording Technology - Diploma (0161)

Are you interested in making and distributing music using the latest in music technology? If you enjoy learning new music and recording technologies, our Music Audio and Recording Technology Diploma Program can provide you with the practical skills to succeed in this creative industry. Make HACC YOUR first choice and apply today.

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Our Music Audio and Recording Technology professors will teach you audio and recording technical skills that will prepare you for a career in studio production and performance management. After completing our program, you may also work in digital media production, distribution and marketing.  

After graduating from HACC, you can apply for various positions within sound production companies or recording studios as technicians.

If you’re interested in cultivating your music knowledge or operating and maintaining technology equipment, you will enjoy our program. When you combine these interests with superior organization and communication skills, this career field may be a great fit for you.


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You will take courses in production operations and computer applications, as well as in music business to become more familiar with the industry as a whole.

Our creative professors will prepare you to:

  • Cite examples of the expanding role the Internet and World Wide Web has in all aspects of the music business
  • Explain how the Internet and World Wide Web is a dynamic source of information in all areas of the music industry
  • Demonstrate the basics of MIDI hardware and software and their respective applications to recording, editing, arranging, mixing and printing of music
  • Create new music in a digital audio format using audio loop technology and/or rendering MIDI files
  • Create audio recordings in compliance with current industry standards
  • Configure equipment for portable and installed sound systems, recording devices and audio editing computers
  • Differentiate various output standards including streaming, static Web, digital media formats, audio for video, audio aspects of film and many non-music media
  • Interpret metering signals, digital over indications and loudness perception to identify possible flaws in processed audio and attempt to avoid these flaws
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  • Review our program guide (pdf) to view a list of required courses, recommended course sequencing and program competencies.

Our diploma program is designed to lead you directly into the workforce. However, if you wish to continue your education with us and pursue an associate degree, all of your credits count towards the completion of our associate degree.

The entire diploma may be completed at our Harrisburg Campus through various modalities (e.g., on-campus/in-person instruction, hybrid, synchronous remote instruction and/or asynchronous instruction).

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HACC offers classes in the spring, summer and fall. You can apply for our Music Audio and Recording Technology program anytime on our website. Be sure to include the unique program code 0161 with your application. This code ensures we match your application to your desired program.


Future students, we are excited to connect with you and answer your questions. Please choose the option that works best for you to meet with us.

Current HACC students, please contact our Advising Department with any questions.

Earn you music audio recording diploma in just one semester.

Continue at HACC to earn your Music Business associate degree.

Earn up to 78646 per year with a career like broadcast technician.