Paying For School

Financial aid and your bill

When you register for classes, you create a bill with HACC. You are responsible for paying this bill. Learn more about financial aid and your bill.

When is tuition due?
View the tuition due dates

I have financial aid. Will I need to pay my bill?
We advise you to apply for financial aid. Financial aid can help cover your tuition bill and other related costs. These related costs include transportation, childcare and other expenses.

You will not need to make any payments if:

  • You receive enough financial aid to cover your entire bill. 

You will need to pay your bill if:

  • Your financial aid is not enough to cover your bill
  • You do not have financial aid in place by the tuition due date.

What are my payment options?
Learn about Payment Options online. Contact Student Accounts/Cashiering at the campus you attend.

Do I need to make payments to my HACC Monthly Payment Plan?
You must continue to make payments if you enter into a payment plan agreement. You must make payments until:

  • The government reviews your FAFSA
  • HACC finalizes your financial aid

HACC will send you an official award notification. If you have paid more than the balance owed, HACC will refund any overpayment after we disburse your financial aid funds.

Can I purchase books with my financial aid?
You can use excess financial aid to purchase textbooks at HACC's bookstore.

  • You will need your course schedule and HACC ID to charge books.
  • You can access your course schedule on HACCWEB.

Learn more about charging books at the HACC Bookstore.