Paying For School

Financial Aid and Your Grades

What is SAP?
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) defines successful completion of coursework. SAP determines eligibility for student financial aid.

To remain eligible for Financial Aid, you must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) which are standards established by the College. Both Federal and State regulations require that we monitor your progression towards the completion of a degree and failure to meet these standards may result in the loss of financial aid eligibility. SAP is checked after each term you attend (Fall, Spring, Summer). You must complete 67% of all your coursework attempted and maintain a specific GPA as listed below. For more information, please contact the financial aid office.

How is SAP measured?
There are four separate measures for SAP:
  • Quantitative Measure (PACE/credit hour progression)
    You must complete at least 67% of all the credits you attempt.   The calculation will include credits you transfer into HACC and credits through the Dual Enrollment programs.  The percentage is calculated by taking the number of credits you have passed and dividing it by the number of credits you attempted.
  • Qualitative Measure (Cumulative GPA)
    You must also maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of a 2.0 or higher. 
  • Maximum Time Frame to Complete a Degree
    The maximum allowable time frame for receiving aid is equal to 150% of the published length of your academic program. For example, if you are pursuing a program that requires 60 credits for graduation, you would reach the maximum timeframe once you attempted 90 credits.  Developmental (Remedial) coursework is not counted in this measure but transfer credits are included.
  • Additional Degree
    Once a student has graduated with HACC (Certificate and/or Associates) an appeal is required to be submitted by the student to be considered for the new degree they are seeking. If this is your situation, you can find the Additional Degree Application (ADDAPP) within MYHACC.


Financial Aid Policy vs. Academic Standing policy
Our Financial Aid SAP policies are not the same as the College's Academic Standing policies. You should review both sets of policies and ask for clarification as needed. Questions about federal student aid SAP policies should be directed to the Financial Aid Office;questions about the College's Academic Standing policies should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.


Repeated Coursework
Once you have passed a course, federal student aid will only pay for one more repeat of that course.  If you must repeat the course a third time, federal aid will not cover the cost of that course and the credits for that course can not be used when determining enrollment status.


Academic progress for the PA State Grant Program
The PA State Grant Program has their own policies regarding academic progress. The program is administered by PHEAA, so further information can be found at