Paying For School

How to Verify Your Address and Phone Number

Students need to verify and update their information. This ensures you will receive your refund quickly. Learn how to verify your address, phone number and e-mail.

  • Go to myHACC.
  • Click HACCWeb on the left menu 
  • Click on "Enter Secure Area."
  • Enter your user ID and PIN. Contact the Registration office at 717-780-2378 for help.
  • Click on "Personal Information."
  • Click on "View my Address and Phone."
  • Verify your address and phone number(s) are accurate.
  • Click the "Exit" button in the upper right corner of the screen if your information is accurate. Click on "Submit a Change of Address or Phone" at the bottom of the screen to update your information.
  • Complete all required fields under "Address Change" and/or "Telephone Change" sections. It is important to make a selection or enter info in all required fields [*]. If you do not, you will have to redo all of your entries.
  • Click the "Submit Request" button.

HACC should update your records within one business day.