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HACC Community Standards System

The Community Standards and Student Conduct System pertains to all part-time and full-time students; to newly admitted students; and to students participating in dual enrollment programs.

While these standards pertain primarily to student actions and behavior occurring on any HACC campus (physical or virtual), it should be noted that the HACC has the same high expectations of students’ off campus activity. Off-campus conduct may also be subject to HACC jurisdiction.


Learn more about the Community Standards and Student Conduct System

Standards Process Flowchart (pdf)

Overview of steps involved in a student conduct case.

SGP 505: Student Disciplinary Action (pdf)

Overview of procedures related to student disciplinary action.

Community Standards Infographic (pdf)

Overview of Community Standards support for students

College Policy 074 (pdf)

Statement of Practices Constituting Unacceptable Conduct 

Student Hearing Process Guide (pdf)

Overview of Student Hearing Process

Who should I contact if I have any additional questions?

You may contact the office via our email at caallen@hacc.edu or communitystandards@hacc.edu or call 717-801-3263.