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Conduct Records Request

Student Conduct Record Requests
Student Conduct Records are considered private records and therefore, may only be released to a third party with the permission of the student. Students should be aware that in accordance with federal law, the HACC may, without consent, release information from conduct records if the record contains violations involving violence or behavior related to safety and well-being.


Record Request Directions for Current Students
Students planning to transfer must read the information below carefully before submitting a conduct record request form:

  • Step 1:
    Find out if your new institution requires a specific discipline/conduct form to be completed by the Office of Community Standards for transfer students. This may require checking the new institution’s admissions/transfer website or calling the admissions office. If the new institution does not require a form, you likely do not need to submit a conduct record request through this website.
  • Step 2:
    If your new institution requires a specific discipline/conduct form, you need to retrieve the form from the new institution before submitting your conduct record request. Note: If you are applying to the institution through the Common Application, you can find this form within your account/application.
  • Step 3:
    Read the new institution’s discipline/conduct form carefully, complete any sections to be completed by the student.
  • Step 4:
    Submit the Conduct Record Request for Transfers and UPLOAD the discipline/conduct form to your request in the bottom section.

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Who should I contact if I have any additional questions?

You may contact the office via our email at caallen@hacc.edu or communitystandards@hacc.edu or call 717-801-3263.