HACC is here for you.


The murder of George Floyd - a Black man - by Derek Chauvin - a white ex-police officer - in May 2020 was a significant and dark event in America’s history. In response to this horrific event, HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, made a recommitment to eradicating racist thoughts, words and deeds – held consciously or not – in and out of the classroom.

Throughout the trial of Derek Chauvin, BIPOC in the HACC community, across the nation and throughout the world have been forced to re-live the suffering, fear and anger over the murder of George Floyd and the repeated acts of violence against BIPOC.

During this traumatizing time, the College is here to support students and employees so they may focus on their well-being.

HACC offers the following resources for students and/or employees:


Zoom Sessions with Students and Employees

Details will be added as Zoom sessions are scheduled.


Paid Leave

We recognize that many employees may be experiencing trauma. Employees are encouraged to request and take leave if needed. Supervisors are expected to approve leave requests and make appropriate accommodations. 


Classes and Assignments

We recognize that many students may be experiencing trauma, which may make it difficult to focus on class and assignments.

Students are encouraged to take the following steps if needed:

  • Miss class
  • Leave class
  • Turn off their cameras during remote classes
  • Request extensions on assignments

HACC faculty are expected to make appropriate accommodations for students under these circumstances.


Mental Health Counseling

HACC students and employees are encouraged to utilize Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP Services if they are in need of mental health counseling. These services are confidential and available 24 hours a day, seven days per week. For more information, please see


Resources for Allies, Advocates, Accomplices and Antiracists

Many of us have been personally impacted by these events, while others simply wish to be good allies. This talking points document (pdf) is intended to support HACC employees who wish to engage in dialogue around the murder of George Floyd and/or racialized violence against people of color. Please note that HACC employees must log in using their HACC credentials to access the document.

Please see our webpage, Resources for an Inclusive Community.

Inclusion and diversity-themed Zoom backgrounds are available for HACC employees.


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