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Code of Conduct Frequently Asked Questions

I just received a meeting notification letter/email referring to a documented incident. Why was this letter/email sent to me?
If you are receiving a meeting notification letter/email, your name was included in a written report about a possible community standards violation. The BIT report has information about the incident and the alleged violation that has occurred. Being documented for an incident does not mean that you have been found responsible for a policy violation. For example, meeting notification letters/emails may be sent to witnesses and victims as well.

Your meeting notification letter/email will indicate a day and time for you to meet with a staff member from the Community Standards office to discuss the alleged incident. This is called the informal meeting and is the first step in the student conduct process.

Can you tell me about the alleged incident?
When you are contacted via email/letter, within that notification it will indicate that the alleged incident will be discussed during your scheduled meeting with the staff member from the Community Standards office.

What happens in the informal meeting?
During the informal meeting, you will meet with a community standards staff member to discuss the alleged incident, provide your perspective on the event, and review behavior expectations. We will also discuss possible sanction(s). Informal meetings are typically scheduled for a half hour.

What if I have a schedule conflict and cannot attend the informal meeting?
Informal meetings are scheduled based on your academic schedule. If you have a schedule conflict, please contact the Community Standards office as soon as possible before your scheduled meeting to request a rescheduled time. You should plan to attend your scheduled meeting unless you receive written confirmation of the rescheduled meeting.

What happens if I do not attend the informal meeting?
Please note that all outreach is conducted with you via your HACC student email address. You are encouraged to attend the informal meeting with a conduct official. If you do not attend the informal meeting, you will forfeit your opportunity to provide information related to the incident and the conduct official may make the decision to issue charges based on the reported information. Your sanction letter will also note your lack of attending the informal meeting.

What happens after the informal meeting?
If the conduct official determines a policy violation occurred, you will receive a sanction letter containing the policies violated along with your sanction(s).

If you receive a sanction letter and you choose to accept the recommended sanction(s), please respond via email within five business days.

If you choose to proceed to a formal judicial hearing, please respond via email within five (5) business days to a Request Judicial Hearing. You will be contacted with additional information once the statement requesting a hearing is received.

Can my parent/guardian attend my conduct meeting?
No. Parents/guardians are not allowed to participate during the student conduct process. However, you are permitted to bring a support person to meetings or hearings, if you choose, according to the guidelines in SGP 505: Student Disciplinary Action.

Can I have an attorney attend the conduct meeting?
Anyone with a law degree or a licensed attorney is only permitted to serve as a support person in HACCs Student Conduct Systems meetings or hearings where students are:

  • Involved in incidents involving sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking or
  • Involved in incidents when there is a concurrent criminal charge.

The support person’s role, including the role of an attorney, is passive. The support person can provide guidance and support but does not participate in the HACC's Student Conduct System.

Where can I find more information about sanction completion?
Sanction information is provided to you in the outcome letter. The outcome letter is emailed to your HACC email address.

What happens when I do not complete my sanctions?
Typically, students will be sent an overdue sanction notification via their HACC email address.

You will be contacted by the Community Standards office if you don’t complete your sanction(s), and as a last option a hold may be placed on your student account.

Can I appeal my outcome?
Yes, a student can appeal the decision of responsibility to the Community Standards office. Instructions for submitting an appeal is located at the bottom of the student’s sanction letter and more detail (i.e., criteria for granting appeals) can be found in the Student Handbook. Students who do not attend their conduct hearing may forfeit their opportunity to appeal. Disagreeing with the proposed sanctions are not grounds for appeal.

Who should I contact if I have any additional questions?
You may contact the office via our email at caallen@hacc.edu or communitystandards@hacc.edu or call 717-801-3263.