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President Speaking Engagement/Event Participation Request Form

Learn how HACC's President can attend or speak at your event.


How can I request HACC's President to attend or speak at my event?

You can invite the president to attend or speak at your event. You must:

  • Complete the form below.
  • Submit your request at least six weeks in advance. This will better ensure the President's availability.

You will receive an automated email after completion. This automated email will confirm we have received your form. This is not a confirmation of your request.


Will the president be able to attend or speak at my event?

The president openly accepts the vast majority of invitations he receives. He must frequently decline invitations due to calendar conflicts.

The Office of the President attempts to accommodate most requests that support HACC's mission. We appreciate your patience with the president's busy calendar.


How do I know if the president will be attending or speaking at my event?

The Office of the President will email you to confirm acceptance or turn down the request.


Who can I contact for more information?



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Please note: The times requested for the president’s participation should be as exact as possible, as the president is often juggling multiple events in series. If the event schedule changes after submitting this request, it is the requesting department’s responsibility to contact Kristin Graeser at 717-736-4103 immediately so she may determine if the change can be accommodated.
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