Future students

Future Guest Students

Welcome! You are considered a guest student if you are currently (or will soon be) enrolled at another college and are taking courses at HACC. Guest students take HACC courses to fulfill their home institution's degree requirements.

What should I do before I apply?

Before you apply to HACC as a guest student, ensure your HACC credits will transfer. Check with your home college's advisor or registrar.

How do I apply?

There are various steps for becoming a guest student at HACC:

1. Apply to HACC

Complete the free online application for admission.

2. Review your admission acceptance letter for:

  • Your HACC ID. 
  • A link to set up your college email account.

3. Activate your HAWKMail email account

HACC will use this email account to send important information. 

4. Submit the Guest Student Course Approval Form

The Guest Student Course Approval Form is your acknowledgement that you meet the prerequisites for the course. Approval does not mean your credits will transfer to your home institution. You must check with your home institution to verify that your HACC credits will transfer.

You must also submit clearances to register for EDUC classes. The Education Department will verify your clearances.

5. Submit a copy of your unofficial transcript from your home college 

6. Register for classes

Register for classes online through your myHACC portal.

If you receive a "Prerequisite and Test Score Error" when attempting to register, you must submit a Guest Student Course Approval Form (step 4).

Contact your campus Welcome Center for assistance if you are still unable to register.

7. Pay tuition and fees

Pay your tuition and fees by the due date. You can pay online or at your campus Welcome Center.

We will reduce your tuition if:

  • You are a PA resident and have lived in PA at least one year.
  • You live in Cumberland, Dauphin or Perry Counties. You may be eligible to receive sponsoring rates. Contact your school district office to obtain a certificate of residence.

Learn more about residency and school district sponsorship.

8. Purchase books and obtain photo ID

Purchase your books online or at your campus bookstore. You can visit the campus security office for your Photo ID and Parking tag.

9. Request official transcripts

After you complete your coursework, submit a request for sending official transcripts to your home college or university. You can obtain transcript request forms  from the Records Office or online via myHACC.

Can I receive financial aid?

Guest students are not eligible for financial aid through HACC. Contact your home institution and request a Consortium Agreement. A Consortium Agreement is a contract between two colleges. This agreement helps to determine financial aid eligibility and ensures financial aid is processed through the home institution.