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HACC’s College in the High School (CHS) Program allows high school students to earn college credit for HACC courses that are taught by their high school instructors at their high school during the school day.

Contact Student Access Services.

To get started with your enrollment in a credit program, please follow the steps below.

A HACC admissions professional may come to your school to walk you through the admissions process. Please connect with your high school counselor if this is an option.

  • Create an account online
  • Apply to HACC
    • Select “Dual Enrollment” as the academic program.
    • Be sure to select the correct entry term when you apply. The “entry term” is the semester you intend to start taking classes at HACC.

      Fall = August-December
      Winter = December/January
      Spring = January-May
      Summer = May-August

Please note: If a student would like for their parent/guardian to contact HACC on their behalf, a Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) release must be on file. Students can add parent/guardian information on their HACC application or request a form from the Welcome Center at onestopwc@hacc.edu. If a FERPA release is not on file, HACC cannot release student information to a parent/guardian, regardless of student age. Please see this page for more information.

  • Please note that the signature page is not the dual enrollment application.
  • The signature page is required to ensure all parties (student, parent/guardian and high school counselor) agree to a student’s participation in dual enrollment with HACC.
  • A direct link to the signature page can be found in the student’s dual enrollment application.

A high school transcript can be:

  • Uploaded and attached to the signature page by your school counselor
  • Uploaded in the HACC application portal
  • Emailed to admissionsrecords@hacc.edu

Please note that your acceptance email will be sent three to five business days after you complete the steps above.

  • Follow the directions in your acceptance email to activate your myHACC account.
    • To activate, please go to accounts.hacc.edu/studentclaim/login/auth
    • Have your HACC student ID (H0_ _ _ _ _ _ _) available. This ID is included in your acceptance email.
    • Note that by activating your account, you are accepting your offer of admission
  • Activate your student email (HAWKMail).
    • HACC students receive their own HACC email, which is referred to as HAWKmail.
    • Students will also have access to the myHACC portal (my.hacc.edu) and can access registration, tuition balances, bill payment, course schedule and grades.
    • Students should use these tools regularly to keep up with important HACC information.


View Transcript (pdf)

It is important to check HAWKMail on a regular basis. HACC relies on email communication to students with important registration and payment deadlines, faculty communications and other updates.

  • Please check your HAWKMail for information about completing your mandatory New Student Orientation (NSO). This information is usually sent within three to five business days after your acceptance email.
  • Please view our CHS NSO video and email orientation@hacc.edu upon completion.
  • Students can only register for CHS courses after they receive a registration email from HACC. This email will be sent to the student's personal email and HAWKMail address.
  • This email will include the HACC course name, course registration number (CRN), registration steps and tuition payment steps and deadlines.

If you need assistance, a HACC success coach can help. To connect with a success coach, please choose from the options below:

  • A tuition bill will automatically generate after you register for your course(s). Tuition bills are available and can be paid electronically in your myHACC account, in the Registration/Records tab.
  • Student bills are not mailed.
  • There are a few ways to pay your bill. We encourage you to review all options, including our payment plan.
  • Students will be notified of tuition due dates, and deadlines will be posted on this webpage.

Helpful Resources
HACC Dual Enrollment and College in the High School Application https://youtu.be/F-Baw1SIsug
Completing a Signature Page  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KNy7jSdx3w7bDpFXwhiW2IdcB7BK6_4d/view
Steps to Activate Your myHACC Account https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y4eBKtq_zNw2v6YV1z1cxkmd6y7xEqRA/view
Steps to Reset Password for myHACC Account https://drive.google.com/file/d/13exLhpwk0KceEMbsr_lEcpdxoFINWP_G/view?usp=sharing

College in the High School Course Eligibility Requirements


How to Register for Courses


Confirm Your Schedule and Invoice


How to Pay Your Bill