Future students

Fall 2022 CHS Tuition Deadline is Oct. 14.

View  important deadlines!     Contact Student Access Services.

If you are a continuing College in the High School student who is looking to take more classes at HACC, please contact start@hacc.edu to begin registration for the next term.

Are you a high school junior or senior who wants to take college classes at your high school? We offer the courses at a reduced cost - only $79.50 per credit! (Please note that most college classes are 3 credits.)


Why should I participate?
  • You will have a head start with college credits. CHS courses can help ease your transition from high school to college.
  • Your college credits may count towards a HACC program or may transfer to other colleges and universities.
  • You receive access to HACC facilities including the library, online resources, academic counseling and free tutoring services.
  • You will learn to manage your time and become familiar with the format of a college class.
  • You will expose yourself to college-level coursework that can help you plan for further education.

What are my next steps to participate in CHS?

Please follow these simple steps to apply.


Is a student able to enroll or pay for a College in the High School (CHS) course following the completion of the course?

No. High school students taking CHS classes are notified multiple times about their course registration status and payment or nonpayment status. High school contacts and CHS teachers are also notified of student status. Retroactive registration and/or payment for the course will not be issued after deadlines have passed.

What high schools participate in College in the High School?

Many high schools across HACC’s 11-county region participate. Please contact your high school counselor to determine if your school participates.