Future students

Campus Safety for New Students


Student safety is a top priority at HACC. The Safety and Security Department enforces HACC's safe college community. Students can contact the department for safety and security services. These services include photo IDs, parking tags, escorts, lockouts and jumpstarts.

Students can sign-up for e2Campus. They will receive up-to-the-minute alerts on college weather and emergencies. Reference Public Safety Services for students to learn more.   


What is my photo ID?

Students use photo IDs to register for class and purchase books. You can also use photo IDs to access campus services. Services include tutoring, the fitness center and library books.

Local restaurants and stores may offer discounts to students with a current HACC ID card.


How do I receive my photo ID?

Visit the Safety & Security Office on campus after you register for classes. You can obtain a photo ID and parking tag.

You will need to bring proper documentation. Choose from one of the following options:

  • A copy of your student schedule AND a valid state driver's license
  • A valid state id
  • A valid passport


How do I receive a parking tag?

Visit the Safety & Security Office to obtain your parking tag and registration. You must bring a valid vehicle registration for your vehicle (blue PENNDOT form).

HACC requires all students to register their vehicle. 



HACC follows the Title IX of the 1972 Educational Amendments. HACC protects and supports students by:

  • promoting equity in academic and athletic programs.
  • preventing hostile environments on the basis of sex.
  • prohibiting sexual harassment and sexual violence.
  • protecting from retaliation. We remedy the effects of other gender-based forms of discrimination.
  • Investigating and notifying college community of serious or ongoing threats. We work to prevent a recurrence.


Students have the right to file sexual discrimination complaints. Submit complaints to:

  • Campus Security Office
  • Behavioral Intervention Team
  • Jackie Bareuther / Campus Dean, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management / 717-358-2974


Watch the Title IX video -9 things to know about Title IX in 89 seconds for more information. (Source: Amy Poehler's Smart Girls and Know Your Title IX™).