Future students

First-Year Seminar (FYS)

The FYS courses at HACC are designed to offer support, guidance and resources for students to be successful in college. The learning outcomes of an FYS course include the following:

  • Create an academic plan utilizing the College’s career and advising resources
  • Demonstrate goal-setting skills
  • Demonstrate acceptance of personal responsibility
  • Apply a decision-making model
  • Use technology resources including the College’s student portal, email and online course management system
  • Locate College policies related to the student experience including grading, attendance, academic honesty, code of conduct, registration and financial aid

Students pursuing a degree are required to take a 1 or 3 credit FYS course based on your HACC placement test scores and program requirements. For some programs, such as Business Administration, the FYS experience is embedded into the introductory course. Other students can take a ‘stand-alone’ FYS course such as FS 100 or SCI 100. We strongly recommended that students take an FYS course during their first semester. Your advisor can help you choose the best FYS course requirement for your program. Students should also note that there is a credit by examination option for the 1-credit FS course. More information can be found at placement testing.

A full list of FYS courses can be viewed here.