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HACC Student Services and Resources

HACC offers a wide variety of student services for YOUR educational journey.


HACC encourages you to get to know YOUR academic advisor. Meeting with them on a regular basis will ensure you are on track to achieving your academic goals. Visit Advising for more information and to make an appointment today!

HACC's bookstore offers you the opportunity to purchase new, used, or rental textbooks, official HACC insignia items, and course supplies. For specific campus information, visit campus contacts.


CARE (Consultation, Advocacy, Referrals, and Empowerment) Center
HACC cares about your success and well-being, and we are here to help. If you need support outside of the classroom, visit the CARE Center to learn about resources available to you for non-academic challenges.


Career Services
Career Services can help to support YOUR professional growth and career development. The Career Services office also works to connect you to local businesses and community partners for job opportunities, internships, and more. Visit Career Services to receive job information, get assistance in choosing a major, and learn job readiness skills.


Child Care
Your HACC campus location may provide child care services. Visit the Visit Child Care for more information.


College Calendar
HACC offers a variety of calendars for planning purposes and the content is updated frequently. Check the calendar of events often for new or revised information.


Financial Services

PSECU has partnered with HACC since 2000 to provide comprehensive banking services and financial education to the campus community. As a not-for-profit member owned institution, PSECU offers many money saving membership benefits while you are a student and after graduation. Scholarship opportunities also available.


Get Involved
We encourage you to get involved, either on campus or virtually. HACC students can participate in a wide variety of events, clubs and organizations, student government, and more!


International Students
HACC is home to nearly 200 student visa holders from 47 countries. Learn more about our International Student services here.


KEYS Program
KEYS is a collaborative program between the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges. Learn more about the KEYS program and complete a referral!


Learning Commons
Through HACC’s comprehensive Learning Commons, you can receive a wide variety of academic support services including Library, Testing, Tutoring, and Tech Support. Tutoring at HACC is a FREE service and is also available 24/7 through our online service, SMARThinking.


Military and Veteran Affairs
HACC is proud to welcome all veterans, currently serving members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their dependents. All students who qualify for benefits will receive comprehensive services and will be in good company with our over 1,000 veterans across all five campuses and taking virtual classes each year. Visit MVAO for more information.


Register Online Guide
HACC students, you CAN do this. Whether you’re continuing your education with us or just taking a few classes, we’re here for you. Find information about the steps you need to take before you register, how you can register online and answers to YOUR frequently asked questions. We’re here for you. We’ll be cheering you on every step of the way.


Student Access (Disability) Services
Student Access Services is committed to equal educational opportunity and full inclusion for students requiring accommodations for disabilities, temporary or permanent. You can schedule a meeting with a campus representative to review accommodations.


Transfer Services
HACC students have access to educational planning services. Transfer Services can also provide transfer information and dual admissions agreements. Visit Transfer Services for details.


Wellness Resources
YOUR wellness is of the utmost importance to us. Look here for more information about crisis interventions, HACC’s EAP services, and other mental well-being resources.