Procurement Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

Procurement is committed to collaborating with and assisting HACC employees and the business community in HACC’s multi-campus environment with all of their procurement needs.

Vision Statement

The Procurement Department will connect with HACC employees and the business community in such a way that all will view the department as an accessible and valuable resource that is readily utilized by all departments and sought after early in the procurement process.

Values Statement

Procurement will achieve its mission and vision by:

Connecting: Procurement will meet the needs of HACC employees and the business community by:

  • Listening to better understand their needs in procuring goods and services
  • Respecting their knowledge and expertise in their areas of discipline.

Educating: Procurement will educate HACC employees and the business community in sound and consistent purchasing methodologies. The departnent will focus on policy and procedures, procurement law, negotiations with the supply base and the bidding process.

Maintaining Diversity: Procurement is committed in giving our neighbors in HACC’s surrounding communities an equal opportunity in doing business with HACC. Those opportunities will include encouraging and mentoring the local diverse business base.

Integrity: Procurement will operate every day with the highest level of ethical standards.

Lower Costs: Procurement will stay focused on HACC’s most precious customer – the student – by lowering costs to make education more affordable. Also, the department will contribute to growth and success by gaining increased value for dollars spent.

Measuring: Procurement will continuously evaluate each process and transaction with a critical eye towards implementing processes that are cost effective and provide added value.