Bid Process/PennBid Program

What is the PennBid Program and why does HACC use it for public bids?

The PennBid Program ( ) is a managed website that efficiently matches buyers and sellers of goods and services, providing significant cost and time savings. As an Instrumentality of the Commonwealth, HACC is able to utilize this powerful tool. PennBid is used by over 1,500 public agencies, private sector companies and professional design firms for material purchases, skilled craft and professional services, and construction projects.

Public agencies, private companies and design firms can take advantage of the program to post and manage all aspects of their competitive bid process at absolutely no cost. Vendors gain full access to all features and program benefits following a one-time, no cost/no risk registration.

The PennBid Program has allowed HACC to streamline its public bidding process by offering the ability to utilize a single point of contact for all bids and proposals. It also increases the visibility of public postings by leveraging access to several thousand registered vendors, in addition to invited vendors. The site manages the bid process from posting, through questions and answers, and addendums, to the award of the bid.