Thank you for your interest in HACC’s Academic and Workforce Development full-ride scholarship. This full-ride scholarship is offered to current and future HACC students enrolled in specific credit or workforce development (noncredit programs). The scholarship will cover all HACC-related expenses - including tuition, books and fees - for the recipients.

The April 2, 2023, deadline to apply for the opportunity for the fall 2023 semester has passed. Please continue to check this webpage for additional updates.

To learn more, please review HACC’s news release:
HACC Alumnus Contributes Six-Figure Gift to Provide Full-Ride Scholarships for HACC Students


jacinda copy Jacinda Carrera
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program
victoria copy.jpg Victoria Diaz
Dental Hygiene Program
IMG_9391 copy.jpgAlma Garcia
Dental Assisting Certificate Program
IMG_8128 copy.jpgHannah Kitner
Dental Hygiene Program
Jessica scholarship (2)Jessica Myers Lewis
Dental Assisting
Certificate Program
tiffany copyTiffany Nauman
Dental Hygiene Program
michellenicoll copyMichelle Nicoll
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program
diana p. copyDiana Polanco
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program
carrie reynolds copyCarrie Reynolds-Clark
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program
me copyAmber Witthauer
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program

To be eligible for this full-ride scholarship, you must:

The following individuals are not eligible for the scholarship:

  • HACC employees (with the exception of student workers)
  • Spouses and dependents of HACC employees 
  • Continuing guest students 
  • Future guest students

The full-ride scholarship will cover all HACC-related expenses, including tuition, books and fees.

After you receive the scholarship, you must:

  1. Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA and satisfactory academic progress (SAP) to continue to receive funds
  2. Start the HACC program within six months of when they are notified that they received the scholarship. 
  3. Note that students will have four years to complete their program, starting from their first day of classes 
  4. Meet with their College designee(s) at least twice each semester (via phone, Zoom or in-person depending on campus closures). Colleagues from different areas of the College (including but not limited to Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Student Success and Enrollment Management and Office of College Advancement) will meet virtually or in person with the students throughout their journey at HACC.
  5. Sign a contract acknowledging you understand the requirements and will abide by all requirements outlined in the contract
  6. Understand that you cannot miss more than two consecutive fall/spring semesters or two consecutive cohort start dates (if applicable for your program). The recipient may elect to take classes during summer and/or winter semesters.
  7. Serve as a HACC ambassador, including but not limited to:
    1. Serve as a public figure for HACC and communicate about your experience at HACC
    2. Participate in campus tours with future students by discussing what you enjoy about attending HACC
    3. Be comfortable with sharing your journey before, during and after HACC through video, photos and written material
    4. Conduct social media takeovers
    5. Participate in on-camera and/or off-camera interviews with the Office of College Advancement for promotional use
    6. Participate in a photoshoot or provide photos or videos that meet requirements
    7. Share your HACC experiences and examples of day-to-day activities as a college student on social media
  8. Complete HACC’s online Story Bank once a year. The recipient will receive an email prompting them to complete the online form.
  9. Understand and agree to being a public figure for HACC.
  10. Note that as a public figure, your actions and imagery that you share, even when not mentioning HACC, are representing the College. Those awarded the full-ride scholarships should not include or make any inappropriate gestures or state any vulgar language. If anything inappropriate is said or shared during the campaign, corrective action will be taken by HACC including removal of funds.
  11. Provide a required thank-you letter to the donor providing the scholarship funds. This is required to receive the funds. If the thank-you letter is not provided by the requested deadline, the funds will be forfeited.
  12. Note that HACC reserves the right to remove any participants’ posts or comments from social media that are abusive or dishonest. This includes HACC removing the post or comments themselves or asking the participant to remove the post or comments. If the post or comments are not removed or the participant is unwilling to remove them, the participant will no longer receive the funds.

Now that the scholarship application has closed, the scholarship recipients were randomly selected.

All students who completed an application received an email from foundation@hacc.edu. The email was sent to the email address provided in the application.

Please ensure that you check your junk email folder(s) for emails from foundation@hacc.edu. Please see above for the list of recipients.

If you do not receive the full-ride scholarship, please continue to apply for HACC Foundation scholarships. There are many opportunities for you to win FREE money.


If you are awarded the funds and do not follow the terms agreed upon, you will no longer receive the funds. The HACC expenses will then become your responsibility.

HACC reserves the right to require the participant to refund the College if the awarded funds are used prior to the sharing of any inappropriate gestures or remarks, vulgar language or dishonesty.