Paying For School

Refunds/Higher One Debit Card

HACC has partnered with Higher One, a financial services company, to provide a method of refund disbursement to the College.  Higher One will be handling all refunds for a majority of HACC credit students via electronic disbursement format.  As a HACC credit student, you must activate your preference to receive a refund through the Higher One account.  We are very excited about the opportunity to provide students with faster choices on how they want to receive their refund.
A majority of registered HACC student’s will receive a HACC Debit Card in the mail, separate mailing in a bright green envelope, to select their refund preference.  You will receive the Card in the mail approximately 1 week prior to the 1st term attending the College.  Please do not discard the card, you will need it to activate your refund preference to receive all refunds from the College.  This is NOT A CREDIT CARD.
The following students are NOT carded due to financial law restrictions: guest students, F-1 students, college in the High School students and provisional admit students.
Refund Options/Preferences
HACC offers two electronic refund options/preferences: 1) the HACC Debit Card/OneAccount or 2) an electronic transfer (ACH) to an existing bank account of your choice.  Students are not required to use the debit card — it is only one of several options for receiving your refund.  However, you MUST have the numbers associated with the card to activate your individual refund option/preference
Refund Preference Activation
When you receive your official student refund card, HACC Debit Card (not active when received), in the mail, activate your refund option/preference within two business days at HACC Debit Card.
Even if you do not anticipate a tuition or financial aid refund, activation is required.
Please note, if you select the debit card (OneAccount)  feature to receive refunds, you are agreeing to a banking financial relationship with Higher One (similar to a checking account with debit card capabilities), certain fees apply, they are disclosed on the Higher One website.  In addition, visit the Higher One website to see how to use the OneAccount for free.
Replacement Cards
The College charges a $20 replacement card fee at the time of re-ordering an active or inactive card.
Active Card Users:
·         Log into your account at HACC Debit Card, select “Customer Service” and “Lost Card”, follow the on screen instructions or; 
·         Contact Higher One Customer Care at 1-877-261-9377.
Inactive Card Users:
·         Contact your Campus Welcome Center to request a replacement card.
Update Student Information with the College
It is vital to verify and update your address, phone number and email to insure the quickest refunds.  Use the Verify Address and Verify Email links at the left.
Other Important Information
FAQs (pdf)