Paying For School

Financial Aid and Coursework

Financial Aid and Coursework

HACC offers many different degree, certificate and diploma programs. Financial aid covers most courses within these programs. There are exceptions or limitations. Learn more about financial aid and coursework.

Which courses are not covered by financial aid?

We exclude or limit certain courses for financial aid. These exceptions and limitations are specific to federal and the PHEAA State Grant aid programs.

HACC is only required to pay for courses that are necessary to your program of study. Taking non-required courses may result in a loss of financial aid.

Developmental (remedial) courses

Financial Aid may be used to pay for developmental courses. These are remedial courses beginning with a "0." There are some restrictions on the maximum number of attempted developmental credits. For PHEAA State Grants, there are limits on the number of developmental credits you can take at one time. Federal financial aid consists of:

  • Pell Grants
  • SEOG
  • Direct Stafford Loans
  • Direct PLUS Loans

  • You can use federal financial aid to pay for developmental courses. Once you have attempted 30 developmental credits, you are ineligible for federal aid for any additional developmental courses. We do not count English as a Second Language (ESL) courses in this 30 credit limit. To receive a full-time PHEAA State Grant, you must:

    1. be enrolled in at least six credits of college-level courses (100 level or above)
    2. carry a minimum of 12 credits during the semester

    You may use developmental courses to determine full-time status for a maximum of two semesters.

    For part-time PHEAA State Grants, you must:

    1. enroll in at least three credits of college-level courses
    2. carry a minimum of six credits.

    For PHEAA Grant purposes, ESL courses count as remedial courses.

    Online (virtual)/video courses

    If you are taking online classes, you are eligible for Federal financial aid. You must maintain satisfactory academic progress and meet other eligibility requirements. 

    The PHEAA State Grant Agency requires you to take at least 50% of your classes in your program of study. These must be in a traditional classroom setting. 

    We confirm that more than 50% of your completed credits are not Internet courses. This occurs at the beginning of each term. If incorrect, you must complete additional coursework in a traditional setting to regain eligibility for the State Grant.

    Blended coursework

    Blended coursework is a combination of online and traditional coursework. Federal financial aid covers blended coursework. You must maintain satisfactory academic progress and meet all other eligibility requirements.

    If more than 50% of your total classes are virtual courses, your PHEAA State Grant will be canceled. The StateGrant considers blended coursework the same as an online course.

    ESL classes

    ESL classes are eligible for federal financial aid. You must be accepted into a regular program of study.

    ESL courses count as developmental courses. You will not be eligible for the State Grant if you are taking all "0" level courses.

    Ineligible programs

    Certain programs are not currently eligible for aid. The U.S. Department of Education must approve these programs. These programs include:

  • Enology Technology (#1301)
  • Viticulture (#1302)
  • ABC Carpentry Apprentice (#4171)
  • ABC Electrical Apprentice (#4172)
  • ABC HVAC Apprentice (#4173)
  • ABC Plumbing Apprentice (#4174)
  • Woodworking (#4361)
  • Medical Lab Technician (#3260)
  • Mechatronics (Certificate #4261);(Diploma #0461)
  • Pre-med Lab Technician (#326P) 
  • Geospatial Diploma (#0580)
  • UBC Apprenticeship Program (#4271)
  • Alternative Energy - PV Solar (#4421)
  • Carpentry Technology (#1230)

  • Most Non-Credit programs are ineligible for financial aid. This does not include Massage Therapy and the Municipal Police Academy Program.

    We do not award aid for audited courses or credit by examination.

    You are not eligible for financial aid if you are attending HACC for personal enrichment only.

    PHEAA State Grant 

    You are ineligible for the PHEAA State Grant if you are pursuing a diploma or certificate program. This must be in addition to non-credit programs.

    Repeated courses

    You may receive federal aid for one repeat of a previously passed course. If you receive a "D" grade in a course, you may enroll one more time and receive aid.

    You may take repeat classes for PHEAA State Grants. Completed repeat credits will not count toward maintaining PHEAA Satisfactory Academic progress.