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Financial Aid and Your Grades

Financial Aid and Your Grades

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) defines successful completion of coursework. SAP determines eligibility for student financial aid. Learn more about SAP.

What happens if I do not meet these standards?

The Office of Financial Aid Services monitors your progress towards your program completion. Federal regulations require this. You will experience financial aid probation or suspension if you do not meet these standards. 

How is SAP measured? 

The three separate measures for SAP are: 

1. Academic probation/suspension 
HACC's Office of Student Records monitors and determines whether you can continue attending HACC. This is not the same as the Office of Financial Aid Services' monitoring of progress.

2. Academic progress for federal student aid
HACC's Office of Financial Aid Services monitors this. You must complete at least 67% of all credits you attempt. You must also maintain an acceptable Grade Point Average (GPA). HACC determines this. View the chart below for minimum GPA requirements. To remain eligible for financial aid, you have 150% of the published time it takes to receive your degree to complete it. 


Total Credit Hours Earned

Mimimum Cumulative GPA Required

Up to 12


13 - 24


25 - 36


37 - 48


49 - 60 1.80
61 or Greater2.00


Download SAP criteria (pdf) for specific requirements. 


3. Academic progress for PHEAA State Grant program

The PHEAA State Grant Agency has its own criteria for measuring your progress. It applies ONLY to the PHEAA State Grant funds. For every full-time PHEAA State Grant you receive, you must successfully complete at least 12 credits. For every part-time State Grant, you must complete at least six credits. Download PHEAA State Grant Progress (pdf) for specific information.