Paying For School

Receiving Aid Funds

When Does Financial Aid Pay My Bill?

In most cases your financial aid is paid to your bill approximately 4 weeks into a term. However your enrollment must be verified before your award is paid to your bill.

When you are enrolled for less than 6 credits, your loan will be canceled and you will lose some grant and scholarship eligibility.

When you are enrolled in course/s that start later in the term and your financial aid award includes:

  • Grants - the portion of your grant designated for the late starting course/s will pay after you have started the course/s.

  • Federal Direct Stafford Loan - will pay after you have started your sixth credit.
See Types of Financial Aid for each program’s requirements.

When Will I Receive My Refund?
Students who have financial aid in excess of tuition, fees and bookstore charges will be issued a refund for the remainder of the funds. Your financial aid refund will occur approximately one (1) week after financial aid is paid to your bill. Should your courses start later in the term, your refund will become available after the course/s begin.  Click here for a schedule of refunds.  Please keep in mind that federal Direct Loans disburse in two pieces with half of the loan occurring when the grants disburse and the other portion disbursing after the mid-point of the term. Click here for refund examples.

Refunds are issued by the Student Accounts Office via the Higher One card. All students are sent information in the mail about activating the Higher One card. DO NOT DISCARD THIS INFORMATION. You will be charged a fee for a replacement card. You must activate the card and choose one of the refund options listed below.
  • Directly sent to the Higher One Debit card.
  • Sent to your personal checking/savings account via ACH.

Is My Financial Aid Ever Adjusted?
YES! Financial Aid can be adjusted at any time during the academic year if one or more of the following situations listed below occur. If your financial aid award changes for any reason, you will be notified by an e-mail to your HAWKMAIL address telling you to check your HACCWeb account. All students should check their HACCWeb accounts on a regular basis for up to date information.

  • You add or withdraw from a course
  • You are recorded as having never attended a class
  • Your FAFSA or other financial aid documents are inaccurate, incomplete or have conflicting information
  • You change your program of study
  • You receive funds from other sources not listed on the award letter
  • You do not maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Changes occur in other eligibility criteria.