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Clery Act Statistics

Clery Act Statistics 

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act) is a federal law. Federal law also includes the Clery Act's amendments. We publish the HACC Safety and Security Department's Annual Security Report in compliance with this act. 

Learn more about the Clery Act and Pennsylvania acts regarding crime reporting. 

What does the Clery Act do? 

The Clery Act requires institutions of higher learning to annually publish a report. This applies to institutions that receive Title II funding. The annual report must: 

  • Outline policies related to campus security and emergency response.  
  • Disclose prevalence statistics for crimes reported to the institution's Security/Public Safety Department and Campus Security Authorities (CSAs). 
  • Cover the most recent three-year period.  
  • Disclose violations of drug, alcohol and weapons laws. This includes laws that were referred to student judicial affairs for college disciplinary action or a law enforcement agency that resulted in the arrest of the offender. The institution only has to report the arrest in cases when both a referral and an arrest have been made. 
The report must include crimes that occur on any: 
  • Campus 
  • Public property immediately adjacent and accessible to a campus 
  • Non-campus buildings  
  • HACC-owned or controlled properties 

Does HACC comply with any PA acts? 

We compile this publication annually in compliance with the: 

  • College and University Security Information Act 
  • Uniform Crime Reporting Act 
The report must contain:  
  • Uniform Crime Report statistics that occur on and around HACC's campuses. Public safety officers are authorized to patrol and respond to incidents. 
  • Crime rates as submitted to the Pennsylvania State Police. The rates must be for the most recent three-year period.  
  • Policy disclosures mandated under these acts. 

We calculate crime rates as required by Commonwealth law. We calculate rates on a campus-by-campus basis for each crime category. We express the crime rates based on a theoretical population of 100,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) students and employees. 

We present this section by campus in the format the Pennsylvania State Police requires. It includes crimes not reportable under the Clery Act. 

How do I file a complaint? 

If you believe HACC has failed to comply with the requirements of these acts, file a complaint with: 

Director of Safety and Security 
Whitaker Hall, room 131 
One HACC Drive 
Harrisburg, PA 17110 
(717) 780-3455 
From campus phones, ext. 212455 

Contact the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General if you feel that your complaint has not been resolved. They will investigate the alleged violation. Contact information for the Office of Attorney General is available upon request. 

How can I get a copy of the report? 

We publish this report annually no later than Oct. 1. 

It is available free-of-charge to all:  

  • HACC students 
  • Prospective students 
  • Employees 
  • Prospective employees 
Download the Current Annual Security Report (pdf). Visit your campus public safety office or welcome center to obtain a free print copy.