HACC Students

This information relates to questions that HACC students and employees frequently ask. We share them with you for your convenience.

  1. The College’s operating schedule will be updated as needed based on weather conditions and other emergencies. In the case of inclement weather, regardless of the decision, all students and employees should use their own judgment to determine whether or not it is safe to travel. Please keep your instructors or supervisor informed.
  2. We are limited in the number of characters the e2campus messages can include. Therefore, please rely on other communication methods and the delayed opening schedule for additional details.
  3. Announcements are added to the website home page immediately. Frequently clearing the cache on your browser will allow new announcements to appear. You also can try changing browsers.
  4. When classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, other HACC-related events and appointments also are cancelled.
  5. When making the closing or delay decisions, we do take into consideration a number of factors, including road conditions, the condition of our parking lots and what other schools are doing. We are also sensitive to the faculty's request to hold classes when possible so that material for courses can be covered during the term. Balancing all of these concerns, we do our best to make decisions that will positively impact the largest number of students and employees.
  6. The team that makes the inclement weather-related decisions is comprised of the College president, provost and leaders at all five campuses.
  7. When make-up days are scheduled, announcements will be posted on the College’s home page.
  8. Online classes operate as normal during weather-related events. We understand this can cause unanticipated childcare, work or other personal challenges. HACC asks professors to use their discretion in enforcing assignment deadlines.
  9. The employee handbook addresses the College’s leave policy during inclement weather.
  10. If you have additional questions or suggestions, please submit this online form: http://www.hacc.edu/operationefficiency/OrganizationalTransformation.cfm.