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Learn about security training at HACC’s Senator Jeffrey E. Piccola Law Enforcement Complex (PLEC).

  • Lethal Weapons Training/Act 235 (pdf) 
    The PLEC of HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, is a certified center as specified by the Pennsylvania Lethal Weapons Training Act 235. Each participant who receives an approval letter from the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) to attend this course and successfully completes the program will be certified by the PSP, Lethal Weapons Certification section. This training is designed for an individual, 18 years or older, who is employed for the purpose of providing security, protective patrol, detective or criminal investigative services for a fee and who carries a firearm, baton or other lethal weapon in the course of his/her employment. In order to be certified, the applicant must pass a physical, psychological examination, and a criminal history check. Appropriate PSP application forms must be completed by the applicant.

    You must receive an approval letter from the PSP prior to attending training.
    The certification is not one of attendance, but of successful completion. Please be advised that all forms are available through the Lethal Weapons website at www.psp.pa.gov/lethalweapons  
    NOTE: If enrollment is insufficient or an emergency situation should occur, courses may be canceled with limited notice.

  • Firearms Qualification $75
    Lethal Weapons Refresher – This course is offered to persons already certified to carry a firearm under the Lethal Weapons Training Act 235.  The course is designed to provide the student with a review of firearms safety rules and techniques for handling firearms.  At the conclusion of this course the student will have the option to fire a course of qualification. A minimum score of 75 percent has been established as a qualifying score.
  • Lethal Weapons (40 hours) $325
    The Lethal Weapons Training Program consists of 22 hours of classroom instruction, 4 hours of armed and unarmed defense, plus 14 hours of firearms training. Participants must successfully pass a written examination on the classroom program and a firearms qualification on the range. Students must have the ability to safely participate in the firearms course required for Lethal Weapons, Act 235 certification. One of the time stages of this course requires kneeling and rising unassisted. Do not bring firearms to the classroom.
  • Lethal Weapons Recertification (Eight hours) $175
    Individuals are required to successfully complete the recertification course every 5 years. This course consists of 3 hours of classroom instruction and 5 hours of firearms training/qualification.  Do not bring firearms to the classroom.
  • Academic-Only Certification  $175
    Individuals who are interested in certification without firearms are required to attend a 26-hour course, which includes 22 hours of classroom instruction and 4 hours of armed and unarmed defense. The Academic-Only Certification is available during one of the specified 40-hour programs.
  • Class Failures - Lethal Weapons (40 hours)
    Tuition to repeat the academic portion is $175.  Tuition to repeat the firearms portion is $175. You must repeat the course at the same location.

NOTE:  The following courses will only be offered at your request. A minimum of five (5) students are required to run a course. Tuition is $100 per student per class. Please contact Bill Sindorf 717-780-2637 or wasindor@hacc.edu for more information or to schedule your training session.

  • Laser Shot ® for Civilians - Eight hours
    This course is available for citizens who have had at least a basic course in safe firearms handling and are considering using these firearms for their defense in the home, as well as in public. It will include evaluating the various types of firearms used and the special considerations when deploying them. There will be a discussion on the most efficient way to deploy the weapon within the confines of the home. It will also touch on escape plans and dealing with the police response, as well as a discussion on dealing with threats in public while armed. The Laser Shot ® simulator will be used, as well as simulated firearms.

  • Practical and Tactical Handcuffing (PATH) – Four hours
    This course trains potential security and police officers on practical and aspects of handcuffing. It explains the proper application of handcuffing, handcuffing of complaint and noncompliant offenders, wrist locks and double locking procedures.
  • Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training (OCAT) – Four hours
    This program presents all of the skills and knowledge necessary for one to become certified/recertified in the use of oleoresin capsicum (OC), or pepper spray, as it is commonly known. The program begins with an introduction to OC and its basic principles of use. Lectures on the effects of OC, how to use OC, general after use guidelines, when to use (and when not to use), use of force considerations and threat recognition are all covered.
  • Expandable Baton Training – Four hours
    This course trains security professionals to properly use the expandable baton. Students will not receive a manufacturer certification card.

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