Please contact the Senator John J. Shumaker Public Safety Center with questions.

Angela Sanden Coordinator 717-780-3213

EMS Training

John Brindle Director 717-780-3210
Kimmin Dara Kalyaniwala Coordinator, AEMT, Paramedic, PHRN 717-780-3255
Sean Page Coordinator,  PA DOH Instructor Certification & Continuing Education 717-780-1325
Danielle Bottiglieri Coordinator, EMR, EMT, EMR to EMT Bridge 717-221-1757
Rachael Livingston Education Specialist 717-780-2510
Kathleen Niggli Education Specialist 717-780-1711
Noah Spencer Education Specialist 717-780-1118
Alex Snyder Admin Support 3 717-780-2458

Fire Training

Perry Pierich Director, Fire Science 717-780-2537
Vacant Coordinator, Facility, Local Level, Fire Academy 717-780-2584
Tina Cook Coordinator, Business & Industry/Certifications


Zachary Freysinger Coordinator, Blended & On-Line Offerings 717-780-2377
Andrew Dean Admin Support 2 717-780-1106
Shannon Buxton Admin Support 2 717-780-1777

Law Enforcement Training

Vacant Director, MPOETC School Director 717-780-2559
Todd Breiner Coordinator, Act 120/Promotional Testing 717-780-2408
Jamie Kopinetz Coordinator, MIST/Civilian Training 717-780-2637
Earl Schooley Coordinator, Indoor Range 717-780-2595
Mandie Rodriguez Admin Support 2 717-780-2593

Automotive Technology Training

Donald Stull Instructor, Auto Tech/GM 717-780-2446
John Todd Instructor, Auto Tech 717-780-2448
Erin Statler Instructor, Auto Tech/GM 717-780-2651
Derek Graham Education Specialist, Auto Tech 717-780-2556
Tyra Turner Admin Support 2 717-780-2315

CDL/Transportation & Logistics

Quentin Moore Coordinator, Manufacturing & Transportation 717-780-1139
Kathy Torisky Education Specialist, CDL Training 717-221-1357
Randy Kissinger Education Specialist, CDL Training 717-780-1119
Lisa Arnold Admin Support 2 717-221-1337

Fax Numbers

Main - PSC 717-780-2643
Fire 717-780-3295
Law Enforcement 717-780-1920
One-Stop Welcome Center 717-780-2414