Technical Rescue & Special Operations Training Programs

After completion of the Technician levels of training in most Technical Rescue programs; you can challenge the corresponding NFPA Certification standard.

All Technical Rescue Certification Levels do require candidates to be certified at the General Requirements for Rescue Technician standard to satisfy the prerequisite level; as well as others listed in the PSFA Certification Application.

  • Rope Rescue Training Programs with Basic and Advanced levels of training. The following rope rescue programs provide basic rope construction, knots and basic rappelling techniques. These hands-on course emphasizes personnel safety, rescue techniques and equipment, knots and hitches, anchor points, harnesses and rappelling, rope construction, rope strength, litter tie-ins, belays and extensive practical activities.

  • Note: These classes are physically demanding. Students participating in the programs should be in good physical condition. No facial hair that will interfere with the seal of the SCBA face piece will be permitted.

How can I register for the Technical Rescue & Special Operations training programs at HACC?