Mandatory In-Service Training (MIST)

Learn about MIST training at HACC's Law Enforcement Complex (Piccola.)

Important Information for 2024
There will be a significant change for mandatory in-service classes for 2024. All officers will still be required to complete 12 hours of in-service training to maintain their Act 120 certification. Beginning January 2024, ALL 4 of the MPOETC courses will be provided by HACC, AT NO COST to certified municipal officers and/or county detectives (those whose records are maintained in TACS by MPOETC).

Departments will still register their officers for the MIST training as always, but there will be no charge and therefore, no billing for any of the four MPOETC in-service courses.

In 2024, Legal Updates and Community Relationships are mandatory courses and must be taken by every certified municipal officer. Suicide by Cop and Law Enforcement Ethics are the other two elective courses that can be taken to satisfy the yearly MIST requirement. Also, MPOETC-approved CLEE courses can be taken in place of the two elective courses.

Departments who are not maintained in TACS, but who are permitted to take the MPOETC courses will have to pay $25.00 per officer for any of the four (4) courses for 2024. A Permission to Bill form must be completed for these officers.

Please Note: The Mandatory In-Service Training (MIST) requirement consists of 4 courses for 2024.


Legal Update 24-201 Mandatory (3 hrs MPOETC credit/mandatory) $25

Highlights pertinent court decisions and significant pieces of legislation that was recently passed that affects police operations and investigations. This course addresses changes and updates to the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, the Vehicle Code, and Rules of Criminal Procedures, as well as decisions from Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth, Superior and Supreme Courts, various Federal Courts, and the United States Supreme Court. This course is required Mandatory In-Service Training (MIST) for police officers by the Municipal Police Officer Education Training Commission (MPOETC).

Community Relationships 24-601 (3 hrs MPOETC credit/mandatory) $25

This course focuses on the importance of building and maintaining trusted relationships with the communities police officers serve and protect. The course will review how to strengthen awareness regarding cultural diversity, competency and sensitivity within various communities.

Suicide by Cop 24-301 Mandatory (3 hrs MPOETC credit/elective) $25

This course specifically focuses on the phenomenon of suicidal individuals who choose to end their lives by confronting a law enforcement officer. The course will also assist officers in recognizing and recovering from the trauma in the aftermath of such an encounter, as well as providing resources for officers to maintain their health
and wellness.

Law Enforcement Ethics 24-602 (3 hrs MPOETC credit/elective) $25

A three-hour course exploring the effects of trauma experienced by police officers in the line of duty, with a focus on identifying successful coping strategies that can be incorporated into a personalized wellness plan and utilizing available resources. The course will take a close look at various obstacles impacting officers’ ability and willingness to seek help when it is needed. Themes throughout the course will be the responsibility officers have to themselves, as well as to notice when their fellow officers are exhibiting signs of trauma and the appropriate intervention strategies they can use to help.

MPOETC – MIST Training

  • Programs are available to all law enforcement agencies with payment of tuition. Registration is made to the Welcome Center, along with a tuition payment or a completed permission to bill form.

    Please be advised that confirmation letters will be faxed to the police departments or other agencies no later than one week prior to the start date of each class.

    For departments who prefer to prepay for law enforcement elective and forensic classes, we accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard or Discover), checks and money orders.

    Please Note: Courses with a MasterCard number listed have been approved by the Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) for credit toward an officer’s continuing law enforcement education requirement.  Please maintain a copy of your certificate from these courses to offer for proof of attendance at the end of the certification period. Some courses are not yet MPOETC approved; please check MPOETC for courses approved after this calendar was released.

    Departments will have the responsibility to report this information to website at the end of the certification period, not MPOETC.

    For a complete list of the HACC – Elective courses, please view the 2024 Law Enforcement Training Catalog.

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