HACC Students

Dual Admission

Dual admission is a program that enables students to pre-enroll in a four-year university or college while enrolled at a community college. This arrangement allows students to complete lower-division coursework at the HACC while ensuring guaranteed admission to the four-year institution upon meeting specific academic requirements.

  • Dual admission simplifies the transfer process,
  • Saves time and money,
  • Provides a clear educational pathway for students to pursue a bachelor's degree.

This agreement is designed to assist students who earn an associate degree to transfer to four-year partner institutions. Why should you complete your HACC Degree? 

Dual admissions partners are committed to offering HACC transfer students who obtain their associate's degree and meet all requirements the following: 

  • Dual Academic Advising that compliments HACC's academic advising. 
  • Four-year institution campus access as a HACC student. 
  • Junior status into the four-year institution after graduating from HACC. 
  • Financial incentives and scholarships. 

If you are interested, you can sign a Letter of Intent to enroll in a dual-admission agreement. You need to:

  • Complete a Dual Admission Intent form to the school that you will transfer into after HACC. 
  • Meet your transfer school's admission counselor and HACC's coordinator of transfer services.
  • Meet with your HACC advisor when registering for classes.

You must enter into a dual-admission agreement before you earn 30 college-level credits. 

You can only enter one dual-admission agreement at a time. The agreement is non-binding. You may cancel it at any time by providing written notification to:

Dual admission prepares you for transfer to a four-year institution. The Dual Admission program provides:

  • Early transfer planning.
  • Specific course requirements. You will know the exact credits your intended major requires at your four-year transfer institution. This ensures you will not take non-transferable courses.
  •  An official transcript review every semester. The admissions staff at your four-year transfer institution will review your official transcript. They will make sure you are on track for successful transfer.
  • Clear semester-by-semester academic advising. Your HACC advisor and an advisor at your four-year transfer institution will provide academic advising.

HACC dual-admission students receive:

  • An Associate degree
  • News and event updates from your four-year institution
  • Access to the library and other campus facilities at your four-year institution
  • Scholarship opportunities and a comprehensive financial aid program
  • Waived application fees by some colleges
  • An increased chance of your graduating and getting a better job