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Student Success Technologies Resources Page

At HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, YOUR success remains our top priority. HACC uses Navigate and Degree Works to assist you throughout your academic journey.



Log in to Navigate on YOUR desktop.    

Using Navigate, students can:

  • Schedule appointments with their advisor, career services, KEYS staff and more
  • Learn about resources, events and important reminders

If you need assistance using Navigate, please contact Navigators@hacc.edu.



  • How can I access Navigate?
    To access the Navigate app, please:
    1. Visit Google Play of the Apple App Store and search “Navigate Student”
    2. Install the app
    3. Once the app is installed, search for Harrisburg Area Community College
    4. Login with your HACC ID and password
    To access Navigate via your computer, please:
    1. Login to myHACC
    2. From the student home tab, select Navigate
    You can also use your myHACC login information at hacc.navigate.eab.com.
  • Are there any resources for students to learn how to use Navigate?
    Yes, view Navigate student guides and videos on HACC’s Navigate Student Resources page.
  • Is the Navigate app free?
    Yes, the Navigate student app is free for all HACC students.
  • What should I do if I cannot log in to Navigate?
    If you cannot log in to Navigate, please contact Navigators@hacc.edu.
  • Can I register for my classes in Navigate?
    No. You will need to register for classes using your myHACC portal.
  • Can Navigate help me locate resources I may need?
    Yes! From your Navigate homepage, you can access a directory of resources that are critical to your success.

Degree Works

Using Degree Works, students can:

  • access their degree audit to know which courses they need to take to complete their degree
  • access their educational plan built by their advisor or create a plan that meets their needs

If you need assistance using Degree Works, please contact navigators@hacc.edu.

What is Degree Works?
Degree Works is a web-based degree auditing tool that provides a clear, convenient method to track educational plan progress, to prepare for registration, and to plan for graduation.

Who can use Degree Works?
Degree Works will be used for all students, to some extent, beginning in fall 2022.

All students will work with their advisors to build educational plans in Degree Works beginning in fall 2022.

Students with a catalog term from fall 2018 to the present will also be able to use the Degree Works degree auditing tool to gauge their progress toward completion. Students who began at HACC prior to fall 2018 will likely need to continue using the degree evaluation tool through Banner Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning (CAPP) unless students changed their major after fall 2018. Banner CAPP is the current tool in use by the College.

How do I access Degree Works?
You will access Degree Works in your student profile and through the Navigate app under Resources.

Where is my educational plan in Degree Works?
The link to your plan is located at the top of the page.

Can I register for classes from Degree Works?
No. You will still need to register through your my.hacc profile