HACC Students

Degree Evaluation

Learn about CAPP, HACC's computerized degree evaluation.

What is a CAPP?

A CAPP is a degree evaluation. It is a personalized computer analysis of your progress towards a certificate or degree. CAPP uses your chosen program of study.

This evaluation includes:

  • Courses you completed at HACC
  • Courses you transferred from other colleges or universities. These courses meet HACC's program of study requirements.
  • Courses you still need for graduation in your chosen major

How do I get my CAPP?

Get your CAPP online (pdf).


Who can I contact for help running my CAPP?

Contact your advisor for help with running a CAPP.

What if I want to see how my courses fit into a different major?

You can also try out different programs of study online at HACCWeb.