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Social Science

Addiction & Recovery Services - Associate in Applied Science (AAS) (5516)

Do you have a passion for helping people? Are you interested in a program where you are taught practical, theory-based skills, as well as strong oral and written communication skills? Are you interested in motivating people to make positive changes in their lives? If so, then HACC’s associate in applied science program in Addiction and Recovery Services may just be the perfect pathway for you to follow to reach your career goals!

With an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree you are prepared for an entry-level position in the Addiction and Recovery Services field.  Students find such positions in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and recovery centers. Those who are Certified Recovery Specialists (CRS) may advance in this field with more specialized training.

Individuals who possess the following skills are drawn to Addiction and Recovery positions, as many of them were in Recovery themselves.

  • Empathy
  • Passion
  • Strong communication
  • Ability to work well with people of all ages and backgrounds
  • Self-starter

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Our program is a specialized program in that it prepares you to enter the workforce as Human Service Professionals, who work directly with clients within the drug and alcohol recovery area. Our coursework encompasses such topics as:

  • Issues surrounding the use and abuse of alcohol and substance abuse
  • Various treatments available
  • Crisis and brief intervention counseling
  • Drug and alcohol screening and assessment

You will be taught counseling approaches and how to identify symptoms and behaviors associated with substance abuse. Lastly, our program allows you to participate in a field practicum where you have the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in the workplace setting! 

As a graduate of our program, you will be able to:

  • Describe drug and alcohol use from historical, social, biological, and psychological perspectives 
  • Summarize current counseling approaches and treatment trends in drug and alcohol treatment
  • Identify the symptoms and behaviors that constitute the basis for diagnostic assessments
  • Establish and maintain effective and culturally-competent relationships with clients
  • Conduct effective crisis and brief intervention counseling
  • Apply ethical principles and laws to professional practice

Please note that prior to enrolling into the program’s practicum course, you must complete a:

  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance
  • FBI Criminal Background Check (only some sites require this)
  • State Police Criminal Record Check

If you have any questions about this, you should reach out to the social science department chair, who will put you in contact with the practicum coordinator. 

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Absolutely! Our associate degree programs are designed to be flexible enough to transfer to a wide variety of colleges and universities with no loss of credit. However, each individual college has its own unique program. We encourage you to select a four-year school as soon as possible. This will allow you to learn the transfer college’s program requirements so that you can take the proper classes at HACC.

For your convenience, you can complete the entire program at our Harrisburg Campus and online through virtual learning. You may also complete this program at the Lancaster and York campuses provided you take some of your coursework online through virtual learning.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, please visit this webpage to review the most up-to-date details about how courses are being offered.

Yes! Through the HACC Foundation, there are approximately 200 scholarships available. Please visit for details and deadlines.

You can complete spring, summer and fall classes at HACC. Submit your application anytime by visiting our website. When you submit your application, make sure to include the specific program code #5516. By using this code, you will ensure you are applying for the correct program. 


We are passionate about providing a high-quality education and an opportunity for you to pursue your goals. Please don’t hesitate to contact an admissions counselor or our social science department chair, Mark Nelson, to request more information.