Future students

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation


Congratulations on being accepted to HACC! We are excited you have chosen HACC for your education.

We encourage students to start their college experience with their educational goals in mind. Our New Student Orientation (NSO) page provides information on getting started at HACC. Families and students can access information frequently. Our resources can help you make the transition into HACC.

Learn about the HACC programs and services that can help you reach success.


HACC programs

HACC students can choose from 150 fields of study. Learn more about our Academic Programs at HACC.

  • Transfer Associate —This track consists of about 20 programs. It is ideal for students who plan to transfer to a 4-year institution after HACC. [61 or more credits]
  • Career Associate —This track offers 70 programs. Students can learn a professional skill for in-demand industries. You will receive an Associate's degree. You can seek immediate employment. [61 or more credits]
  • Certificate —The certificate track offers 60 programs. Students can focus on occupational skills. [30 or more credits]
  • Diploma —This track consists of 30 programs. Students may select the diploma route if they have knowledge in a particular field of study. The diploma program can help them enhance their technical job skills. [15 or more credits]


HACC technology

HACC students can access multiple services online. Please view the Technology Guide for Students (pdf) for more information.

HACC has multiple portals and online resources:

  • www.hacc.edu –HACC's official website
  • MyHACC —the portal to HACCWeb, D2L, HAWKMail and others.
  • HACCWeb —Use HACCWeb to register and pay for classes. You can check grades and financial aid. You can also order transcripts.
  • Desire2Learn (D2L) —Reference our online course system for virtual and blended courses. Many face-to-face courses use D2L.
  • HAWKMail —Students can access HACC's official email. Share registration information, academic status and more. Please reference Tutorial: Accessing HAWKmail (pdf) and Tutorial: Forwarding HAWKmail (pdf) for instructions.
  • e2Campus —This is a voluntary official system. HACC uses it to share important information with students.



The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects student educational records. HACC cannot share student information without written consent. Information includes financial aid, advising and grade details. Find more information about FERPA.

Please complete aStudent Information Release Form(FERPA) (pdf) if you would like any of this information released.