Programs And Courses

Did you know the number of medical assistant jobs is expected to grow nearly 30% by 2026?

Take YOUR first step into health care with HACC’s Medical Assisting Program! 

  • Start with our Medical Assisting certificate at our Gettysburg, Harrisburg or Lebanon campuses to become a medical assistant earning more than $30,000 a year.
  • Continue at HACC to earn your Health Science or Healthcare Management associate degree, which you can take fully online! 
  • Enter the workforce with your HACC credential and continue your education for high-demand careers like occupational therapy assistant or radiation therapist. The median salary for an occupational therapy assistant is $42,660.

We offer many scholarships through the HACC Foundation. Each scholarship has specific eligibility requirements. To learn how to apply, please visit

“As a single parent of two young kids, I needed a career path that will put me in the field faster, and the MA [Medical Assisting] certificate program is it! Plus, we can … branch out into many different health specialties with experience and more study. The options are nearly limitless as an MA.”

- Erin Feagley, HACC Medical Assisting Alumna