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Health Care Management

Below is information on the Health Care Management Associate in Applied Science Degree program - Gettysburg/Harrisburg/Lancaster/Lebanon/York campuses.

Contact Vicki Gentzel (717-780-1992) if you hold a credential in a health care profession (LPN, massage therapy, certified dental assistant, paramedic) as you may qualify to receive 30 credits for your credential towards a Health Science associate degree.

What is a health care manager?

A health care manager has various duties. You must:

  • Supervise the delivery of health care
  • Work long hours
  • Be available at all hours to manage problems

Health care managers take on a variety of roles:

  • Clinical managers usually have previous training
  • Health care managers at small group practices handle all of the duties
  • Health care managers at larger medical groups work with a chief administrator and assistants
  • Health care managers in HMOs perform community outreach and preventative care


What does a health care manager make?

Salaries vary based on level and type of employment.


What is the goal of HACC's Health Care Management program?

View our Advising Checksheet (pdf) for more information.

The Health Care Management program is ideal for students who are working in health care without credentials. Many students seek a career in health care administration.


What degree will I earn?

HACC awards a health care management associate in applied science degree after successful completion.

Manager positions often require a master's degree. However, smaller facilities accept a Bachelor's degree and/or work experience.


Where can I advance my education? 

HACC has articulation agreements with the following schools:


Who can I contact for more information?

Please contact an Admissions Counselor, by phone at 800-ABC-HACC, or by email at

Current HACC students can meet with advisors: