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Nurse - LPN

Learn about our 4-semester Practical Nursing Certificate program (LPN) and apply for clinicals. Upon completion with your valid PA LPN license, transfer immediately to our RN program. You will take 4 additional nursing and 4 general education courses. The programs are completely stackable!  

All potential nursing students begin in the Pre-Health Professions Program. Students may apply for admission into the Registered Nursing Program or Practical Nursing Program once they meet the requirements to apply. Students will discuss these admission requirements as part of their advising process.

COVID-19 Immunization Requirements of Clinical Facilities

Apply for Clinicals

Link to the Fall 2023 Harrisburg, Lancaster, and York clinical application (via - DEADLINE - JUNE 3.

To be eligible to apply:

  • Have taken the TEAS and scored (overall / composite / percentage) 60 or higher
    • Highest TEAS score  (60 or higher) as of the application date is used to calculate your points
    • Score must be sent to HACC (on the ATI website) (program/campus doesn't make a difference
    • Only TEAS Version 7 scores will be accepted.
  • Have an overall GPA of 2.5 by the first day of the first clinical term
  • Complete Biology 121 (A&P 1) with a C or higher by the first day of the first clinical term
  • Be eligible to enroll in (or have completed) English 101 and Math 103 or 202
  • Have your high school transcripts on file in Admissions (
  • Met with a nursing advisor
  • Download Admission Criteria and Essential Qualifications (pdf) - contains all dates and deadlines.

We strongly recommend attending a nursing information session before you apply for clinicals. See below for dates and times.

Learn more about the TEAS test here. Includes link to the ATI website to register, remote proctoring, contact information, study groups and TEAS information sessions.

  • The TEAS test was updated to Version 7 June 2022.
  • Beginning in fall of 2023 ONLY Version 7 tests will be accepted.

How to meet with a HACC advisor -

Have you created your parallel pathway yet?


Nursing Information Sessions - Please plan to attend (or view the YouTube) before applying for clinicals

Sessions tend to last about 2 hours - one hour presentation followed by a question/answer period.  Sessions are a general overview and information is given regarding programs and admissions for all campuses.

  • Nursing careers
  • HACC's programs
  • Time commitment
  • Expenses
  • TEAS
  • Essential Qualifications/Background Checks/Health Forms
  • Application process


NURSING Information Sessions - All sessions via Zoom.  ALLOW AT LEAST 2 HOURS!

RSVP/Registration required.    After RSVP'ing, students will receive details on how to connect to Zoom. Please login before session is scheduled to begin. WHEN YOU RSVP, be sure to include your name, HACCID and the date and time you wish to attend.

OR View a recorded information session (Recorded 10/3/22) (1 hr 9 min) -


Date Time Director Email for RSVP/Registration (required)
3/30/23 4 p.m. LaRue
4/10/23 1 p.m. Lieb
4/27/23 4 p.m. LaRue
5/4/23 1 p.m. LaRue
5/18/23 6 p.m. Donell
6/5/23 4 p.m. Lieb
6/22/23 1 p.m. LaRue
7/11/23 1 p.m. Bauer
7/20/23 4 p.m. LaRue
8/15/23 1 p.m. Bauer
8/28/23 4 p.m. Lieb
9/18/23 6 p.m. Donell
9/21/23 4 p.m. LaRue
10/12/23 3 p.m. Lieb
10/26/23 4 p.m. LaRue
11/7/23 4 p.m. Bauer
11/16/23 4 p.m. LaRue
12/12/23 1 p.m. Lieb
12/18/23 6 p.m. Donell
1/4/24 4 p.m. Bauer
1/25/24 4 p.m. LaRue
2/5/24 4 p.m. Lieb
2/22/24 4 p.m. LaRue
3/11/24 6 p.m. Donell
3/12/23 1 p.m. Bauer
4/8/24 6 p.m. Donell
4/16/24 1 p.m. Bauer
5/7/24 1 p.m. Lieb
5/9/24 4 p.m. Donell
6/3/24 6 p.m. Donell
6/24/24 6 p.m. Donell

What does a practical nurse (LPN) do?


  • Work under the direction of a physician, or registered nurse.
  • Meet the basic needs of patients. These include feeding, bathing, dressing, assisting with personal hygiene and emotional care.
  • Administer medications.

Learn more about a career in practical nursing (Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational)


Where do LPNs work?

LPNs can work in a variety of settings. These include:

  • Long-term care facilities and rehabilitation centers
  • Outpatient clinics and doctors' offices
  • Home Health
  • Outpatient surgical centers


How much does the program cost?

Download Estimated Expenses (pdf) for a list of expenses.


What degree will I earn? Will I be eligible for credentials?

Upon successful completion you will:

  • Receive a Practical Nursing Certificate of Completion
  • Be eligible to sit for the LPN licensure exam (NCLEX-LPN®) administered by the State Board of Nursing.

What are the required courses and what is the suggested schedule? How long does the program take to complete? Where are the clinical classes held?
  • Download a list of required courses/suggested schedule (pdf)
  • HACC holds practical nursing clinical courses at the Harrisburg, Lancaster and York campuses.  Prerequisite courses are offered at other campuses and sites.
  • The program is offered full-time during the day and the clinical component takes four semesters - Fall,  Spring, Summer and Fall.
Is the program accredited?
  • The Practical Nursing Program at Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College), located at ONE HACC Drive, Harrisburg PA 17110-2999 is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), 3390 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1400 Atlanta, GA 30326 (Phone: 404-975-5000),
    1. This program was initially accredited in May of 1991.
    2. The most recent accreditation decision made by the ACEN Board of Commissioners (September 2019) for the Practical Nursing program is Continuing Accreditation.
  • You may view the public information disclosed by the ACEN regarding this program at
  • View the disclosure statement for ACEN (pdf)


Can I advance my education in this field?
  • You can pursue HACC's Health Science associates degree.
  • HACC has  a Transitional LPN program which offers advanced standing in the RN program to those LPNs who qualify and want to pursue an associate degree in nursing.

What is the most current program student achievement data?

(NCLEX Pass Rates, Completion Rates and End of Program Outcomes Data) (pdf)


How can I get more information?

Who can I contact for more information? 
Please contact an Admissions Counselor, by phone at 800-ABC-HACC, or by email at

Practical Nursing Program, Harrisburg Campus 
Select Medical Health Education Pavilion (SMHEP), Room 204 
One HACC Drive 
Harrisburg, PA 17110

Practical Nursing Program, Lancaster Campus
Main Building, Room 215 
1641 Old Philadelphia Pike 
Lancaster, PA 17602

Practical Nursing Program Office, York Campus
Leader Building, Room 150
2010 Pennsylvania Avenue
York, PA 17404